Women Founders Behind Successful Exercise Businesses

Getting in Shape for Holiday Vacation – The Women Founders Behind Successful Exercise Businesses

By Ellie Zimmerman


Amanda Freeman, a Duke University and Harvard Business graduate, founded a fitness company in 2011 called SLT, while raising her two children. Girl boss Freeman created a fun 50 minute workout class that her website promotes as the equivalent of “if cardio, strength training and pilates had a baby.” SLT, which stands for strengthen, lengthen, tone, was born from Freeman’s desire for a workout that was challenging, efficient, effective and fun. SLT focuses on creating a supportive community for all people. Additionally, Freeman has also invested in companies like “Stretch*d” which offers clients personalized stretch sessions, Carbon 38, The Wing, and 305 Fitness. Amanda Freeman has impressively accomplished all of the above with two young children at home and an amazing ability to multitask.

Co-founders of exercise craze SoulCycle, Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice met on “the best blind date ever” and began to work together to develop an inspiring workout that is efficient and enjoyable. These two women created SoulCycle as a safe space where people are able to walk in and look forward to their workout. Before the world of soul, Julie Rice worked as a Hollywood talent manager for 20 years and twelve years post soul, has recently been named chief brand officer of WeWork. Rice is all about feminism and in an interview with The Cut, she says, “It’s about leading by example right? I was an entrepreneur, I built something. It’s great for other entrepreneurs to see another entrepreneur who took a risk and did it. And of course let’s not forget our favorite point, that I’m a woman,” she laughs. “Right now it’s very chic to be a woman.” Going without recognition, both women have launched and run this impressive multi-million dollar company while raising two daughters each.



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