Small Fermentation, Large Impact

By: Aanandi Thakur

 What if natural food could be used in place of conventional medicine to transform your health? Meet Cori Deans, a tenacious entrepreneur from New York who defied the odds when diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a debilitating condition affecting her digestive tract. Confronted with a future of lifelong medications and a restrictive diet, Cori refused to accept a fate that offered little improvement. Driven by a relentless pursuit of answers, Cori delved into extensive research on her condition, unearthing a groundbreaking alternative. She discovered that her low-fiber diet could be substituted with a revolutionary approach—nourishing herself with nutrient-dense whole foods, healthy fats, and an array of fermented delicacies. “Many autoimmune diseases may stem from our consumption of lifeless food,” she explained passionately from her home in the enchanting Adirondacks. “Our vegetables lack the vibrant bacteria they need to thrive because the soil they grow in is barren. In stark contrast, fermented foods burst with vitality and life.” 

Before long, Cori’s new dietary regimen unleashed a profound transformation. She found herself able to savor any food she desired, liberated from the clutches of her illness. Inspired by her miraculous journey, Cori embarked on a mission to assist others in navigating the same treacherous path. Thus, Small Town Cultures, a pioneering fermented food brand, was born. What initially began as sharing her fermented creations with friends and family quickly blossomed into a full-fledged enterprise, with products adorning the shelves of over 400 stores. “I don’t simply want to replicate existing fermented foods,” Cori emphasized. “My vision is to make them more irresistible and accessible, ensuring that people embrace them as a daily staple. Just a small bite or two can work wonders for your well-being. I suffered for seven long years, but within months of adopting this practice, my symptoms subsided.” 

Fueled by an unwavering passion for human health and simplicity, Cori aspires to revive the ancient art of fermentation for the benefit of all. With Small Town Cultures, she aims to restore this age-old tradition, rekindling the awareness of its transformative power. In this bold new era, where nature’s gifts hold the key to our vitality, Cori’s mission is to empower individuals to reclaim their health and unlock their true potential.




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