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Women’s Sports Estimated to Break Financial Records in 2024

By Sarah Anderson

In recent years, women’s sports have grown in popularity and financial success. As reported by both NBC and CNN, 2024 is expected to be a groundbreaking year for women’s sports, with revenues projected to reach around 1.28 billion. This sum is over 300% more than the money generated just three years ago. Although women’s sports have grown all around the globe, North America is projected to make up 52% of the earnings, making it the most profitable continent. 

Soccer and basketball are expected to be the contributors that bring in the most revenue due to their major sporting events and notable sports stars. On April 2nd, the NCAA women’s basketball finals set the record for the highest number of viewers to watch an NCAA women’s basketball game. This can be largely credited to national player of the year Caitlin Clark, who plays for LSU. Additionally, at the end of the WNBA season, when the Las Vegas Aces took home the trophy, there were a projected 889,000 people watching, over twice the amount of the previous year. On the soccer front, the FIFA Women’s World Cup was a huge success, bringing in increased viewership and proving to be very lucrative. The NWSL also just launched a deal to expand their games to be viewed on more networks, generating 240 million dollars in the next four years. Combined, soccer and basketball are predicted to reach 909 million dollars in 2024. 

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