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Ledecky’s Breaking Records Challenges Phelps

By Greta Leslie

Katie Ledecky’s recent success in Fukuoka, Japan, challenges Michael Phelps by securing her 15th individual world gold medal, tying Phelps. The inspiration, Ledecky herself, also won the 1,500-meter women’s freestyle. She defeated her competition, Simona Quadarella, by 17 seconds, displaying her ultimate time of 15:26.27, marking her 15th title in Ledecky history. While at this event, she held her place in the top 16 times of the meet. Even at two different events, Katie Ledecky was the first to achieve five world titles and tied Phelps for the most individual world golds earned in swimming. Most of all, Ledecky cumulates her accomplishments, leading with five world titles in each of the 800 and 1,500 freestyles, four in the 400, and, to finish, one in the 200 meters.

Ledecky has contributed to relays, winning 24 world championships, 20 of which are gold, both impressive records according to women’s swimming history. While her 15 individual world gold medals resemble Phelps’s, the excitement grows as she nears his overall record of 33 medals and 26 golds, highlighting Ledecky’s remarkable consistency and persistent impact on the world of swimming.

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