About Us

Inspired by the rising tide of feminism, Chloe Cornell, Charlotte Madden and Paige Miller decided to create Girl Tribe in October 2017 with the intention of expanding the women’s empowerment movement to a younger generation. Girl Tribe launched their monthly online magazine in February 2018 at Girltribemag.com, to highlight all of the extraordinary women who are breaking barriers. Their goal is to encourage young women to support and motivate one another to be the best that they can be. The Girl Tribe motto is: “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” You can also follow Girl Tribe on Instagram @girltribemag and on the Facebook page @girltribemag.

Editorial Team

Chloe Cornell, Founder

Haley Brettschneider, Editor-in-Chief

Reese Wolfe, Editor-in-Chief

Zac Cornell, Executive Managing Editor & Gender Equality Editor

Julia French, Managing Editor

Kate Kissell, Entertainment Editor & Music Reporter

Kristina Montgomery, Entertainment Associate Editor

Eliza Fogel, Charity Editor

Alexa Bourzanos, Charity Associate Editor

Julia Carroll, Politics Editor

Chloe Robinson, Culture Editor

Samantha Roskind, Culture Associate Editor

Ana Wilmer, Sports Editor

Mary Burdick, Business Editor

Matthew Guo, Head of Technology


Marketing Team

Samantha Roskind, Head of Social Media

Kristina Montgomery, Head of Membership & Finance

Chloe Robinson, Head of Membership



Rye Country Day School – New York

Jessie Bobman

Katherine Brydson

Jesse Curry

Olivia Giagni

Natasha Gilman

Maya Hirani

Anna Owens

Nina Paganelli

Maisie Rochat

Alik Shehadah

Marin Yearley

Hadley Hart

Avery Smith

Jordyn Roskind

Ella Santomero

Charlotte Holtby


Horace Mann – New York

Lexi Stein


Columbia Grammar School – New York

Ava Wrubel

Julia Heller


Dwight-Englewood School – New Jersey

Olivia Dupre – Co-President of Girl Tribe Dwight-Englewood Chapter

Tessa Gorenstein – Co-President of Girl Tribe Dwight-Englewood Chapter

Liv Pilot

Lucy Jerome

Lucy Greene

Amber Carr

Reese Low

Joy Simson

Jess Becker

Chloe Rubel

Ava Maletta

Bodhi Mathur

Aryana Petti

Emily Jedell


NEST+m – New York

Lily Bender


Harrison High School – New York

Chloe Barnett

Avery Heilbrunn

Nicole Hermann


Westhill High School – Connecticut

Jadyn Daniel


Latin School of Chicago – Illinois/ College of William & Mary – Virginia

Natalie Wexler


Isidore Newman – Louisiana

Daryn Dusansky


Calabasas High – California

Olivia Goldberg


Lower Merion High School – Pennsylvania

Zoe Pearson


Nixa High School – Missouri 

Meghana Nakkanti


Canyon Crest Academy – California 

Kim Peretz


BASIS Peoria – Arizona 

Riti Singh


Woodbridge High School – California 

Sristi Palimar


Cranbrook – Michigan 

Isabela Jacobson


Manhasset High School – New York 

Sarah Kim


Mikael Austin


GEMS Our Own Indian School – Dubai, UAE

Gisha Reji


Marlboro High School – New Jersey

Sasha Granik


Riverdale Country School

Brett Moriarty