5 Powerful Women To Watch In 2023

By: Brynn Coady

Every year, Forbes magazine names accomplished women as “women to watch” because of their impressive work. The watchlist is one of Forbes most popular lists as it highlights female power in society and recognizes impressive achievements by women worldwide.

The top spot on this year’s watchlist is awarded to Elisabeth Borne. Borne is the second ever female prime minister in France who started in May of 2022. Before being elected prime minister, Bourne was already very accomplished as she served as France’s transportation minister, where she worked to create job opportunities in the national railroad company. In France, she is a member of President Emmanuel Macron’s party Renaissance. Along with being a politician, she is a civil engineer, government official and manager of enterprises in transportation. Borne also served as minister of transport from 2017 to 2019 and a minister of ecology from 2019 to 2020. 

The 2nd spot on the list this year is given to Faith Mukutu. Mukyu was recently promoted from CFO to CEO of Zambeef, the largest beef processor in Zambia, and also one of the largest agriculture businesses in Africa. In her new job, she oversees all current operations, but also she is involved with expanding Zambeefs impact. 

The third woman on the list is Marta Ortega. Ortega recently took over her mom’s job as the chair of Retail Conglomerate Inditex. At a time where supply chains are messed up worldwide and inflation is causing more customer sensitivity, Ortega has to navigate the direction of her brand while still overseeing the growth of popular brands like Zara.

Fourth on the list is Iman Abuzeid. Abuzeid is the co-founder and CEO of Incredible Health, which is a nursing staffing startup. She stands out because she is one of a few black female founders to run a company that is worth more than a billion dollars. Abuzeudi is inspiring as she hopes her story can be proof that any dream is possible. 

5th palace on the list of a group of women who are having successful careers in professional sports teams. One of them, Caroline O’Connor, was recently promoted to president of business operations by the Miami Marlins. O’Connor’s top management spot makes her 1 of the first females in a management spot.

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