The "It List"

The “It List”

“It List”

By Chloe Cornell


Glamour’s “9 Times Being A Woman In 2018 Was Genuinely Powerful”

It’s the last month of the year, and a good time to look back on what women have accomplished in 2018.  We love this article from Glamour, 9 Times Being a Woman in 2018 Was Genuinely Powerful, about this year’s highlights for women:


The Hello Sunshine Tour

The Hello Sunshine tour, produced by Reese Witherspoon’s media company, features talks with inspirational women sharing their wisdom in different cities around the country. In a recent event in Cincinnati, Olympic gold medalist soccer star Abby Wambach and other women shared key mantras that they’ve told themselves to give them strength, and could apply to anyone.



9-year-old Riley Morrison gets Stephen Curry to make changes at Under Armor!

When Riley Morrison went online to order herself new basketball sneakers for the season, she was heartbroken to find that Under Armor didn’t have Steph Curry sneakers for girls.  She wrote directly to her idol, who promptly responded that he was going to change this NOW! He also promised some exciting things for the future! Curry is a committed supporter of women’s equality and his response to this situation was perfect.

Click the link to read the letters from Riley and Steph.



Childhood Friends Reunion Via Twitter

It is always nice to read a feel-good story – we loved this one about a girl who used twitter to find a long-lost childhood friend who she was reminded of when she was looking at family albums during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Her twitter post went viral and eventually reached the long lost friend, proving twitter does have some positive uses!





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