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Editors' Letter

Editor’s Letter

Over the course of June and July, the US has been mourning the death of George Floyd while simultaneously educating
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Girl Tribe Recommends: Books By Chloe Cornell   Peruse the NYT’s anti racist reading list -- and maybe donate to
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Girl Tribe Recommends: Movies By Chloe Cornell   13th Ava DuVernay’s powerful documentary about the prison system and Netflix  
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Girl Tribe Recommends: Music By Chloe Cornell   Lady Gaga Lady Gaga’s new album Chromatica features Ariana Grande, Elton John,
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Girl Tribe Recommends: Wellness By Chloe Cornell   Namaste Free Yoga, Pilates and Wellness classes   Things you can
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Girl Tribe Recommends: Watch By Chloe Cornell   YouTube Originals “Dear Class of 2020" with messages from Michelle Obama, Taylor
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Girl Tribe Recommends: Shop By Chloe Cornell   Turn “empathy into action” and support these Black-owned businesses
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At Home Workouts

Girl Tribe Recommends: At Home Workouts By Chloe Cornell   Jabs By Gina Zoom Workout Classes The NYC-based Fitness instructor
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