Miley’s Letter to Hannah & Normani Working On her New Music

Miley’s Letter to Hannah

By Natasha Gilman

Hannah Montana, one of Disney’s top teen hits, just celebrated its 15th anniversary of the premiere. To commemorate this special date, the lead actress of the show, Miley Cyrus, wrote a letter to her screen character. 

On March 24th, Miley Cyrus posted the letter to her social media accounts, spurring large interest in many Hannah Montana fans. In the letter, Miley writes about the effects that her alter ego in the show, Hannah Montana, had on her true identity. Throughout the show, Hannah Montana portrays a “fake” identity as she conceals herself to become Hannah Montana. This screen character had a prominent effect on Miley Cyrus’ own identity. Cyrus writes to her alter ego and says, “in reality, there was a time in my life when you held more of my identity in your glovette than I did in my bare hands”. The letter, which was handcrafted on Hannah Montana’s notepaper and even adorned with stickers and details, looked like it was straight from the set of the show. In the comment section of the letter, fans came together to express their love for Hannah Montana. Most notably, the official Hannah Montana Twitter account reposted the image, writing, “Nice to hear from you @MileyCyrus. It’s only been a decade”. Additionally, Cyrus crafted handwritten letters from “Hannah” and sent them to many well-known fans of the show. The letters were sent along with an assortment of Hannah Montana colored flowers, which were posted on the accounts of celebrities like Corbin Bleu, Sophie Turner, and Joe Jonas. Although the show is now celebrating its 15th anniversary, Hannah Montana continues to have a lasting impact on its fans and will never be forgotten.

Normani Working on New Music

By Kate Kissell

Ever since her debut solo “Motivation” came out in the summer of 2019, everyone has been longing for Normani to release new music, and soon the wait will be over! Just last March, Normal hinted at some projects she is working on through her Twitter account: “Wow… the record i’m making right now.” Fans were ecstatic to see that she was in the studio and have been on the edge of their seats to discover what new hits she will be dropping. 


Similar to her teaser of the new music she is working on, Normani also revealed that a new music video is in the works as well. Through Cardi B’s retweet of a fan’s comment, “Momma Normani may we please get ‘we can’t mot [sic] keep talking about it” and Normani’s response, “video coming soooooon sis”, fans were pretty clear that a new music video would make an appearance. With both these news coming out, the excitement of the Normani fans could not be contained, and was expressed on multiple platforms. 


In 2020, Normani spoke of the pressure of letting down her fans by saying, “There’s so much expectation that I have for myself, so adding [fans’ expectations] onto that can be a lot.” She continued expressing her high expectation through the repose, “I really want to create a body of work that’s going to count, you know? I’m never going to get my first album back.” Finally, Normani spoke of herself and the process of being happy with her work: “There are so many dimensions to me, not only as an artist but as a person — there are things that I want to talk about and emotions that I want to convey. [‘Motivation’ is] one portion of it for sure but there’s a whole more to be able to discover.” Her fans and the whole world are excited to see what amazing work she will produce next.

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