‘Badgalriri’ Takes on Super Bowl LVI

As a reigning icon in the world of hip hop, fashion, music, and dance, Rihanna’s debut at the NFL Super Bowl Halftime show is a highly anticipated event for viewers. Many questions arise around this performance such as what songs she will be performing? What will she wear? Who will be up on stage with her? Having been 8 years since her last public performance, the crowd is anticipating the show of a lifetime. But a lot has happened since Rihanna last mesmerized us. Not only has she had a baby, but she has also started an entire beauty empire. 

While fans hope Rihanna’s Super Bowl appearance is a strategic advertising stunt for a new music release, they are excited to see her perform regardless because of what she represents. Rihanna is much more than an iconic MET gala dress and stunning vocals. For decades she has served as a provocative feminist advocate, and she has looked and sounded look doing it. From rocking a Hillary Clinton shirt in 2016 on the day of the last presidential debate, to tweeting in 2013, “Boys will be boys cause they can’t be men”, it is safe to say fans can expect nothing short of a bold performance from ‘badgalriri’.  


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