The Voice of Silenced Women & ‘Succession’ Reveals the Horrors of Misogyny

The Voice of Silenced Women

By Natasha Gilman 


In 2002, Khabar Lahariya, or “Waves of News,” was founded by a passionate group of female journalists in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Khabar Lahariya is a news outlet run by women that highlights stories of corruption and violence towards women in India. Not only are the journalists of the female minority, but they are also part of the Dalit caste, or the untouchables. Although the practice of the caste system is illegal in India, the sentiment still remains a prevalent part of society. The Hindu caste system is divided through a rigid caste system, and the Khabar Lahariya face further subjugation as they are of the lowest caste. Despite the establishment of this media outlet being a dangerous feat for a minority group, the women remain resilient and determined to spread their message.


Khabar Lahariya was first launched as a local newspaper, but the journal now publishes their content via their youtube account, which has nearly half a million subscribers. Now, the Khabar Lahariya journalists are the stars of the documentary “Writing with Fire.” The Hindu-language film received two Sundance Film Festival awards, calling well-deserved attention to the inspiring group of feminist writers. One “Writing with Fire” filmmaker, Sushmit Ghosh, highlights the resilience of the Khabar Lahariya, stating “Dalit women have historically been some of the most oppressed demographics in India, so to be a Dalit woman journalist in itself is … revolutionary in what the women are doing.”


Volence against Dalit women is often overlooked because of their low social class. While Dalit women are expected to remain quiet about the rampant sexual abuse and oppresion they face, the Khabar Lahariya epitomize courage and serve as one of the only sources of comfort and allyship for Dalit women. 


The chief reporter of the Khabar Lahariya, Meera, is featured throughout the film. Meera’s backstory is one of perilous endurance and perseverance. The filmmakers of “Writing with Fire” aimed to capture Meera’s calm, yet firm nature. The Khabar Lahariya are a savvy and smart group of women. In 2016, they moved their platform online despite lacking sufficient resources, as they knew their audience would expand through an online platform.


Although “Writing on Fire” focuses on the Khabar Lahariya before the impact of Covid-19, the news site’s popularity and viewership has continued to grow exponentially.

‘Succession’ Reveals the Horrors of Misogyny

By Morgan Daily

  In the newest HBO hit show Succession, character Gerri Kellman, played by actress J. Smith-Cameron, is a strong and resilient female figure. Despite others trying to push her down, she fights her way through gender discrimination and amasses business credibility and power. Succession, not only depicts the controversial workings of a rich family businesses, but also addresses important topics regarding sexism in the corporate world. Kellman works twice as hard in order to prove her worthiness amongst her male competitors.

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