Editors' Letter

Editors Letter

Summer is on its way! Enjoy our April/May issue and use this time to look back on the past two months. These two months have been chaotic for many people, especially high school and college students with exams and finals. But with this stress comes a three-month hiatus to relax. As we look back, join us on celebrating female achievements like the uplifting of small, female-owned businesses and highlighting current events which are hurting women globally, like the pink tax.


In the entertainment section, make sure to take a look at the fascinating article about Miley Cyrus writing to fifteen years in the past to her alter-ego, Hannah Montana. Furthermore, the entertainment section highlights Normani and her possible album along with upping the diversity requirements for the Oscars. As you look at the culture section, make sure to read the article which spotlights Asian-owned brands to support along with the article where Lili Reinhart shuts down bisexual stereotypes.


After looking at the entertainment and culture section, make sure to read the pressing issue of the “gender gap” and also female charities to support within the charity section. As you finish going through these sections, go to the Politics section to find topics ranging from environmental racism to Jill Biden’s discussion about equal pay to Australia’s women’s march for awareness of assault. In the Business section, you will find articles discussing how Amazon is helping female-owned companies, the pink tax, and Jamie Kern Lima’s new book which was made to inspire young women to become entrepreneurs. Lastly, take a look at the sports section where we highlight female athletes who are changing the game, like Sedona Prince, a basketball player at the University of Oregon, and professional tennis player Naomi Osaka. 


As always, there is a recommended section, and this month we put a spotlight on new books, movies, and albums being released. We hope everyone is safe and well. Go outside and get ready for the great weather!   


Haley Brettschneider and Reese Wolfe

                                                                                                                                                               Editors’ in Chief

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