Women’s March and Women Running for Office

Photos of protesters and signage in New York City’s Second Annual Women’s March taken by Eliza Fogel

Women’s March

By Eliza Fogel

After marking the one year anniversary of the Trump Presidency, women everywhere took to the streets on Saturday, January 20th, protesting their rights and speaking their minds. Many women marched this year in response to the #MeToo experiences of sexism and objectification that women across our country have faced. Just this week, multiple incidents of sexual harassment and misconduct have been brought to the attention of the press including the harassment towards gold medalist Simone Biles and multiple other Olympic gymnasts. The anger and rage of many women manifested into signs, chants, speeches, songs and other forms of self expression in the Second Annual Women’s March. Many famous stars including Halsey, Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Munn, and Natalie Portman marched with the crowds and made speeches while inspiring their many fans. In the New York Women’s March, numerous politicians and activists spoke, sharing their views with large audiences, inspiring all of New York. At an event before the Women’s March in cooperation with Planned Parenthood, Governor Cuomo and Mayor Di Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray shared powerful messages demanding more women’s rights and the power to choose. Furthermore, both of these influential men plan on ensuring women have access to quality medical advice, the best doctors, and money for abortions. While more than 400,000 people turned out to march in New York City, there were reportedly 500,000 protesters in Washington, 300,000 in Chicago, and 500,000 in Los Angeles to name a few big cities. Women also took to the streets in cities around the world including Rome, Frankfurt, Osaka, and Buenos Aires.

Major Momentum for Women in Government

By Chloe Cornell

A record number of women are getting involved in politics hoping to disrupt the status quo and advance women’s causes. New York magazine recently estimated that 390 women are running for the House of Representatives, while 49 women are planning to run for Senate. It seems that many are heeding the wakeup call that other countries have outpaced America in creating more balanced governments. In fact, according to catalyst.org, the United States is ranked 100th for countries with women’s representation in national government. Canada, ranked at number 63, has shown a noteworthy improvement as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet is now gender balanced for the first time in history. Trudeau is outspoken on the need to increase women’s presence in government and business. On the contrary, President Trump’s cabinet has 4 women out of the 23 cabinet positions that require Senate confirmation, and is the most male cabinet since President Reagan. Let’s hope we see a lot of female winners in November!

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