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By Chloe Cornell


The Office Ladies Podcast

Jenna Fischer (aka. Pam Beesly ) and Angela Kinsey (aka. Angela Martin) have answered the prayers of every fan of the TV show The Office by launching a new podcast where they will rewatch every episode of The Office and discuss behind-the-scenes stories, address questions about the storylines, and welcome their former castmates for surprise phone-ins and pop-ups. Not that we needed another reason to watch The Office, but we are so happy to have one! Office Ladies is available on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and anywhere you can download podcasts.



Dolly Parton’s America Podcast

The inspiration behind this podcast is that even in our highly divided environment, everyone can agree over Dolly Parton. The podcast delves into the Country icon’s career, personal history and music with commentary from the superstar herself. It was recently revealed that Parton wrote ‘Jolene’ and ‘I Will Always Love You’ on the same night. The podcast’s popularity has led Apple music to make a special “Dolly Parton Essentials” playlist. 



The New York Times Interview with Tina Turner

Tina Turner, who is the subject of a new Broadway show and an enduring music icon gave a great interview in The New York Times.



Sarah McLachlan

The Lilith Fair was a groundbreaking all female touring festival founded by Sarah McLachlan. Read the inside story of the concert’s creation from Vanity Fair:


Interview with Dua Lipa

Watch this Dua Lipa interview at The New Yorker Festival about her journey to stardom and the meaning of being a feminist:



Florencia Galarza Breaking Down Barriers for Women In Soccer

Watch this video of DJ and soccer star Florencia Galarza and how she has broken down barriers for girls who love soccer:



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