TVF For DVF, The Women Behind Morning Network News, And The Female-Founded Tata Harper Skincare

Talita Von Furstenberg’s New Collection: TVF for DVF

By Chloe Cornell


Many high-end fashion companies are finding ways to expand their brand to the younger generation. Dianne Von Furstenberg employed her own 19 year old granddaughter Talita to design her own line under the DVF brand called TVF for DVF. After attending her grandmother’s shows and watching her design by her side all her life, Talita was well fit for the task. She exposed DVF to a younger, more millennial audience through Instagram, younger clothing, and through a less-expensive price point.

TVF launched her first collection of clothing on April 24th, including 23 pieces of clothing aligning with Talita’s youthful and sophisticated wardrobe. Her collection was made up of day-time dresses in floral prints and pastel shades, button-front tops with blouson sleeves, crop tops, and casual mini skirts that are elegant enough for a formal party and casual enough for jeans. When asked about her intention with designing the first collection of TVF for DVF, Talita said “that’s really what I wanted to get with TVF: simplicity, beauty, and something you can feel really confident in.” Keeping Talita’s vision for the line was vital. In fact, Dianne Von Furstenberg was not allowed to see the clothes until they were produced. According to Talita, she wanted to keep the two brands separate because she would’ve been too influenced by her grandmother’s opinion, and she wanted to keep this line true to her own style.

The premiere TVF for DVF capsule collection is the first of many biannual Spring and Fall TVF for DVF collections to come, so if you didn’t get your hands on this first collection, her second will be released sometime in the Fall!

Who Runs the World? The Women Behind Morning Network News

By Natalie Wexler


What does CBS This Morning, ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today all have in common? Besides the fact that all three networks and shows are in constant competition for the roughly 11.48 million viewers who tune in for morning news, for the first time ever, each of these three shows are all headed up by woman as anchor Gayle King revealed on April 4th when Emmy, Peabody and DuPont winner Diana Miller was appointed to executive producer of CBS This Morning.

Diana Miller graduated summa cum laude at the University of Pennsylvania before beginning her news career on CNN’s acclaimed program Anderson Cooper 360 where she covered notable events such as the 2004 presidential election and Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the 2008 presidential election and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Miller was also instrumental in developing CBS’s Live from the Couch, Telepictures’ Anderson and MTV’s The Seven. She joined CBS This Morning in 2014 as a senior producer where she ran breaking news coverage of the 2016 presidential election, Gayle King’s interview with R. Kelly, investigations into the Catholic Church abuse scandal, and interviews with 2020 presidential candidates Beto O’Rourke and Bernie Sanders, among other stories.

Roxana Sherwood is the current executive producer of ABC’s Good Morning America. Sherwood has been with the network since she began as a desk assistant 21 years ago. She quickly worked her way up through the ranks to become an executive producer at the evening news program Nightline where Sherwood was crucial in producing the election special “Inside the Final 30,” the groundbreaking special on race “America in Black and White,” and the Emmy award-winning special about the influence of therapy on a boy with autism “A Different Kind of Boyhood.” Sherwood has also produced stories closer to the ABC family with her work on the Nightline special about GMA anchor Robin Roberts fight with breast cancer and myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS).

Libby Leist is at the helm as the executive producer of NBC’s Today, a role she has held since January 2018. After graduating from Cornell University in 2001, Leist started at NBC as a desk assistant at the Washington Bureau. She then worked her way through the ranks to become Andrea Mitchell’s State Department Producer, a producer for Capitol Hill coverage, and a senior producer for MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown. While at the Washington DC bureau, Leist produced interviews with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Condoleeza Rice. As a senior producer at Today, Leist has brought viewers coverage of various Olympic Games and presidential town halls among other stories.



Tata Harper Skincare – Woman Founded Natural Makeup Company

By Sam Friedman


Tata Harper is from Barranquilla, Columbia. Growing up, she was always fascinated with luxury beauty products, but her focus changed when she learned her stepfather had cancer. She realized that our food and beauty care choices have profound impacts on our health. So, Harper decided to make healthier choices in life, choosing to only eat items containing natural and local ingredients. She wanted to incorporate this healthy lifestyle into her beauty regimen as well, but she could not find products that satisfied her. But, this did not deter her. Harper was determined to create natural skincare products that would fit her new healthy lifestyle.  

Harper now lives on a farm in Vermont where natural ingredients are abundant to her. She has assembled a team of scientists to produce beauty products with new and natural ingredients, beginning Tata Harper Skincare. Tata Harper Skincare was launched in 2010 and has become increasingly popular in 2019 because if its natural and sustainable appeal. Harper grows every product in Tata Harper Skincare at her farm in Vermont to ensure their natural and active quality. Harper is now known as a pioneer of the “Farm to Face” movement because of her environmentally friendly and organic skincare products that inspire us all.

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