Girl Tribe Recommends

2021 Fashion Predictions

Girl Tribe Recommends: 2021 Fashion Predictions

By Haley Brettschneider and Reese Wolfe


Trending: Second-Skin Tops-Seen in top designer brands like Marine Serre, Ganni, Valentino, and Helmut Lang (shown above), second-skin tops are great for layering and adding dimension to your outfit.

Tossing: Neon Colors-though they are fun, neons were overused and are beginning to lack luster. 




Trending: Bubblegum Pink-This youthful color will both make you reminisce your childhood but also elevate your outfit. This pop of color will make you stand out in a crowd.

Tossing: Plastic shoes-Though it may have been a Cinderella Fantasy, the plastic look does not look comfortable nor cute. No one wants to see your toes jammed into a clear stiletto. 


Trending: Kitten Heels-The vintage style of heels are making a comeback due to the comfort and cuteness; the tiny little pump can elevate an outfit by making it more formal without giving you blisters. 

Tossing: Biker Shorts-It has been seen everywhere for the past three  years! It was cute while it lasted but now it is overworn. 




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Trending: Loose Trousers – Skip the skinny jeans and wear a pair of mom jeans! 

Tossing: Tiny Purses-Though it looked awesome while Lizzo took over the trend, there is no practicality.



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Trending: Baguette bags – as shown in the trailer for the Gossip Girl reboot, baguette bags are making a come back! 

Tossing: One shoulder tops-the asymmetrical style is way too harsh; 2021 is all about neutrals and minimalistic looks.

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