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Girl Tribe Recommends: Extracurriculars

By Juliette Silk


“Women For Women” Club

If you’re looking for an empowering extracurricular activity to participate in, Women For Women is for you. Women For Women is an organization that sponsors women in war-torn countries. Through this program, women are given the opportunity to have an education and learn business skills to help them get support their families economically . Women in war struck countries often aren’t given educational opportunities and find it incredibly difficult to find sufficient work. Moreover, sexual harassment is a key issue of the organization as sexual assault, rape, and harrasment rates are exceptionally high in these violent countries.

After learning about this organization I developed a keen interest in supporting women around me who don’t have the same opportunities and skills to progress in society. I created a Women for Women chapter at Scarsdale High School which is one of the only chapters run by teenage girls.  Prior to my involvement, the leadership at Women for Women was predominantly made up of older women. By my sophomore year, I was able to get this club off the ground by hosting fundraisers to raise money for this organization.

We are constantly looking for new members, donations, and people to get involved. Feel free to follow us on Instagram @womenforwomen.shs, and reach out to us if you want to get involved and even start a chapter at your school. Through raising money, pen paling, and communicating directly with the organization, we can all fix the patriarchal, sexist, and misogynistic world we live in. 

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