Tik Tok Discriminates Against BIPOC and Plus Sized Models, 3 Women Guiding Their Sons as Civil Rights Icons, Mary Wollstonecraft Statue Controversy, Jabs by Gina, Kardashians Speak for Armenia, Best Sustainable Mascaras, & Rihanna’s Tie Dye

TikTok Discriminates Against Women of Color and Plus Sized Models

By Talia Levenson

“We work with models of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds, and we refuse to change the models we work with to satisfy the hidden demands of the TikTok algorithm,” Adore Me said on Twitter. 

Lingerie company Adore Me accuses TikTok of discriminating against their plus sized, disabled, and women of color models. The brand noticed their videos were being taken down, but originally thought that it was TikTok’s attempt at becoming a more modest platform. The company began to realize that this discrimnation was rather most likely due to the appearance of their models.

To challenge this theory, Adore Me decided to post two similar videos promoting their lingerie: one video featuring a white creator and the other featuring a Black creator.  The Black creator’s video was taken down, while the white creator’s video remained on TikTok. It then became apparent to Adore Me that plus sized models and women of color were being discriminated against, which they rightfully viewed as unacceptable. 

Although Adore Me is upset that their content is getting taken down, they are more upset for their creators. The removal of minority creators’ videos defeats the purpose of Adore Me and also lowers the self esteem of the creators. Adore Me wants justice for their models and their brand. 

As TikTok responded to the pressure of the media, three of Adore Me’s videos were put back on the platform, stating that it was an “error” that the post was taken down in the first place. The spokesperson for TikTok also stated, “that the platform doesn’t moderate content based on appearance or ability.” Hopefully, TikTok will see that this is a larger problem and actively work to correct their apparently biased algorithms. Adore Me has set an excellent example by continually using their platform to bring awareness to pressing issues.






Three Women Who Helped Their Sons Become Civil Rights Icons

By Hadley Hart

Anna Malaika Tubbs, author of the novel The Three Mothers, explains that since a mother has such a significant influence over who her child becomes, as a society, we need to better understand the lives of Louise Little (mother of Malcolm X), Alberta King (mother of Martin Luther King Jr.), and Berdis Baldwin (mother of James Baldwin). 

Not many people know about, as Tubbs states they have been completely “ignored even though it should have been easy throughout history to see them, to at least wonder about them.” Regardless, to better understand their lives would be to better understand how they raised such powerful children. 

Louise Little, the mother of Malcom X, was an influential civil rights activist, who pushed her children to read the news and educate themselves instead of accepting the false information taught to them in school by some of their white teachers. Alberta King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s mother, was an educated, faithful woman, devoted to the church, raised by parents who fought against racial injustice themselves. Mrs. King was brutally assassinated in 1974 as she played the organ at a morning church service. Berdis, mother of James Baldwin, was a gifted writer, but remained quiet about her life and passed away in 1999. Sadly, all three of these women still survived their sons. 

Through her book, Tubbs digs deeper into the lives of these mothers who have been so frequently overlooked throughout history in an attempt to understand how they raised children who were able to change the nation. 



Infamous Feminist Mary Wollstonecraft‘s Statue Controversy  

By Ava Maletta

Mary Wollstonecraft was born April 27, 1785, and is known for making a breakthrough to better social and political rights for women. Also, she was a philosopher, writer, and feminist. She is best remembered for her book, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, where she argues that due to the lack of education women get in society, they give the impression that they are inferior to men. Overall, she asserts throughout the book that women should be equally respected and educated as men. She died on September 10, 1798, due to an infection called septicemia. 

In London, on November 10, a statue meant to honor the feminist Mary Wollstonecraft caused major controversy due to the statue’s nude representation. The statue was put on display in Newington Green park by artist Maggi Hambling. Under an organization called Mary on the Green organizes and raises money to “commemorate many incredible women uncelebrated and ignored like Mary Wollstonecraft.” They state on their webpage, “equality and human rights is just as relevant as it was in the eighteenth century…if you don’t like the Wollstonecraft statue, or even if you do, get behind some other campaigns for much-needed statues.” Newspapers, such as The Guardian, have written articles on the statue stating things like, “why I hate the Mary Wollstonecraft statue: would a man be honored with his schlong out”. It objectifies and improperly represents what she has once spoken and stood for. In contrast, many others have celebrated the statue as they acknowledge what it is meant to embody overall. Since it has been displayed, the controversial artwork has brought up conversations of altering the statue along with other opinions; however, the organization that funded the installation of the statue are pleasant with the overall outcome of conversation regarding the iconic woman who was “written out of history”.


Jabs by Gina

By Chloe Rubel and Reese Low

During quarantine, many people used this as an opportunity to get into shape. Jabs By Gina is one of the most popular workout platforms that surfaced during the pandemic. Gina and her team worked together to create zoom workout classes available for all people, no matter your fitness level. “Jabs” is a platform used to help people grow both their mental and physical strength. Jabs offers many different workout options such as, cardio splash, combos, abs, and many more. Each zoom class has around 100-200 participants. The company became so popular, that they just added their 8th instructor in the span of a very short time. Jabs by Gina is very influential and motivating to people all over the world to come together and be a team. Jabs has created an idea that every single person is working together as a team, rather than on your own. In addition to making her workouts a team effort, she consistently posts on her Instagram, which withholds over 35k followers, supporting movements such as, Black Lives Matter and Transgender Awareness Week. Things like this make Gina’s supporters feel even more included in her workout community. 

Gina started off as an Equinox instructor and eventually created Jabs By Gina. The instructors on the zoom began by taking Gina’s classes and eventually formed a strong relationship with her. They worked together to create a virtual zoom schedule during quarantine for people to participate in being active. Many people have become extremely connected to jabs and even created their own Instagrams to post their jabs workout journeys in support of Gina and her company. In addition to spreading her company through social media, Gina has also been on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Betches, and many more broadcasting channels. People rave about their workout classes with Gina and her team, which inspires many to try it for themselves. Jabs by Gina has grown tremendously over the quarantine and remains very popular. Gina is an extremely influential role model for many people and continues to gain more support and growth within her company. Her unique approach to fitness is appealing to many due to her strive to form a team that works together and supports one another.




 Kardashian Sisters Speak Out About War Between Armenia and Azerbaijan

By Gaby D’Souza

Recently, over 360 people have died due to the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Kardashian sisters connect with their Instagram followers to discuss how they can all help. 

In late September of 2020, unresolved conflict from the 1990s between Armenia and Azerbaijan over unsettled land was reacknowledged, which broke out war between the two countries. This dispute has left a plethora of people who have lost their homes along with losing access to resources like food and water. Over the past two months, more than 360 people have died, hundreds of people have been left wounded without care, and the conflict is only getting worse. 

On October 10, 2020, the Kardashian sisters used their platforms to raise awareness about the conflict and inform their followers about how they can help. This issue was important to them, because Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian are of Armenian descent. They used their Instagram accounts to promote the Armenia Fund. The Armenia Fund is helping provide food, shelter, and medical care to those Armenians who don’t have access to these basic needs during this conflict. In addition, Kim Kardashian donated $1,000,000 to the Armenia Fund. 

By mentioning the conflict that has risen and the Armenia Fund through Instagram, the Kardashian sisters are able to educate millions of people about this war. They are able to spread more awareness and hopefully raise more money to help those in Armenia. As Kim Kardashian said, “Whether you are helping with just raising awareness and posting on social media or donating just $1, every bit helps”.




The 12 Best Clean Mascaras to Try for a More Sustainable Beauty Routine

By Avery Heilbrunn 

Makeup is a great way for females or males to express the way they want to be perceived. The beauty community has completely taken over this generation with new products being innovated frequently. Clean mascara however has been an irregular product in the beauty community. Due to technology advancing tremendously, all-natural formulas are much more worthy of your money because its nontoxic alternatives can help avoid potential carcinogens and hormone disrupters while being more appealing. In addition, due to this pandemic screen time has increased a great amount which puts tons of stress on your eyes, so the lighter and more natural the makeup the better. 

The Westman Atelier’s Eye Love You Mascara is a plant-powered formula and contains thickening chicory root, antimicrobial coconut oil, and a pigment-binding mix of beeswax, sunflower seed wax, and carnauba wax for lush, rich black lashes. This product is 96% sold-out!  

Saie Mascara 101 has a special hydra mineral complex that strengthens lashes while yielding impressive volume and lift. You can apply multiple coats of it because one offers a more natural look but better, while two-plus layers is more intense. 

Kosas The Big Clean mascara is designed to create “Big, fluffy lashed.” It’s supposed to last due to the nourishing cocktail of shine-enhancing castor oil, revitalizing provitamin B5, and conditioning biotinoyl tripeptide-1.

Inika The Mascara caters to people who have sensitive eyes, tapered wand makes application of a cinch while magnolia bark extract, vitamin E, and sunflower oil work in harmony to supply darkened, super-lifted fringe.

Ere Perez Aloe Gel Lash & Brow Mascara is very unnoticeable and known for helping to keep lashes soft and silky smooth. It also doubles as a brow groomer, making it the ultimate no-makeup makeup two-for-one.

La Bouge Rouge Le Serum is 99% natural formula and contains carnauba wax, astor fiber, and jojoba oil, which help with long-lasting curl and definition. 

Kjaer Weis Lengthening Mascara is an organic mascara that’s creamy, falke-free formula that is loaded with jojoba and castor oils. Also contains a wand that distributes pigment evenly to clump-free effect.

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Ultra-Natural Mascara is Juice Beauty’s plant-derived, lifts and extends lashes with no smudging or flakes. Its wand and brush with curved bristles picks up the perfect amount of mascara for applying. 

Ilia Limitless Lash-Lengthening Mascara has a dual-sided brush that leaves no lash unturned, very effective formulas harness keratin, shea butter, and beeswax together to curl and lengthen lashes to doe-eyed effect.

Vapour Mesmerize mascara is for lengthening and volumizing. This delivers dark black pigment and extension-like features with  formula consisting of lash-health-supporting acacia flower wax, amino acids, and jojoba oil.

Beautycounter Volumizing Mascara has bataua oil and carnauba and rice bran waxes. The crowdsourced formula is a winning one for a full glam free of smudges and flakes.

Elate Essential Mascara can help you achieve a soft, supple lashes or bigger, bolder fringe with its buildable formula made up of antioxidant-packed rice bran wax and hydrating olive oil. It’s created in a zero-waste compostable bamboo tube. 


Rihanna Brings A Retro, Summer Look To February In This Tie-Dye Outfit

By Chloe Robinson

Rihanna’s February 6th Instagarm post featured a summer-retro look, as the superstar sported a tie dye slip dress, a matching bucket hat, and jade jewelry. Her post was captioned, “jade in da shade,” most likely a reference to the jade necklace, earrings, ring, and bracelet she wore. 

In December of last year, rumors of a budding relationship between A$AP Rocky and Rihanna were confirmed by multiple sources. 

A source told People that the pair has been “inseparable the past few weeks”, and that “they have always had amazing chemistry and Rihanna relates to A$AP and it feels natural, easy and fun,”

Despite these rumors, Rihanna’s fans are more focused on a new album, considering the singer hasn’t dropped an album since 2016. 

In January, as Rihanna’s comments flooded with fans begging for a new album, a fan suggested that the drop should be part of the singer’s New Year Resolutions.

As Rihanna captioned her photo, “new year’s resolution: apply the pressure,” a fan retaliated with, “Resolution should be releasing the album,” 

“I like to antagonize my fans a little bit,” Rihanna explained to Entertainment Tonight, in regards to the status of her album. “Well, they antagonize me, too! So, they get it right back.”


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