New Healthcare Company Commits to Support Global Health Needs of Women & Texas Encourages Female Entrepreneurs


A New Healthcare Company Launches a Commitment to Listen to Global Health Needs of Women

By Hadley Hart

Until now, women’s healthcare needs have been historically overlooked and disregarded compared to those of men; Consequently, hundreds of millions of women do not have access to the care that they need. Fortunately, Organon, a global women’s healthcare company, is dedicated to changing this. 


Organon has recognized the immense gap in the accessibility of medical necessities between men and women and is committed to closing it. Not only is this company addressing health needs, but while doing so they are continuing to listen to women’s voices. Organon intends to evolve to further help fulfill the needs of women with the help of the website where women can share their hopes for the future of their healthcare. Among the issues that Organon wants to address are the United States’ appallingly high number of maternal deaths and the lack of access to family planning aid that millions of women have. 

As stated in The New York Times, “when it comes to women’s healthcare, there is no need that is truly too small”; The health of society as a whole is greatly reliant on women’s health, making it that much more important to take initiative and get their voices heard through companies like Organaon, that fight for gender equity in healthcare.


Texas Encourages Female Entrepreneurs With #UpWithHer

By Mary Burdick

Following the pandemic, Texas has created a new competition to encourage female entrepreneurs to help their small businesses recover. 


The competition will have five winners, one from each section of texas, and each will earn a cash prize of 7,500 dollars. To enter, each women-owned business must submit its business pitch and adhere to the competition’s guidelines and expectations. Because the competition is focused on helping small businesses recover, in order to enter the competition businesses must have operated for at least twelve months, made less than 1 million in revenue in 2020, and employed up to fifteen people. Other more obvious guidelines are that the business must be registered in Texas and at least 51% female-owned.


The commission will also be introducing a new web series to guide small businesses as they continue to recover from the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. This web series and competition are playing a key role in supporting and encouraging female Texans to persevere in their businesses endeavors.

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