The Stand Out Women of The PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018

The Stand Out Women of The PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018

By Charlotte Price

As the PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018 come to a close, women from all over the world are feeling a sense of pride and confidence. In PyeongChang, many achievements were made by women and they left the excited crowds and viewers in awe. Although the US placed fourth in the number of total medals, US women earned more gold medals than the US men in the Olympics, and it is because of these amazing women below.

To start off, USA and Canada women’s hockey faced each other in the gold medal game for the fifth time. The heated rivalry between these two teams is one that has lasted for 20 years now. USA came away with their first win against Canada since 1998, when women’s hockey was first added to the Olympics. The game ended during a shootout with a thrilling save by Maddie Rooney and an impressive goal by Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson, during the 6th round that put the US on top 3-2. To watch Lamoureux’s shot and Rooney’s save, click here.

Another women who not only impressed the world with her gold medal in Giant Slalom and silver medal in Alpine Combined, but also left an impact on all girls and women, is Mikaela Shiffrin. Mikaela’s saying “always be faster than the boys” has been her motto ever since three-time US Olympic Alpine skier, Heidi Voelker, signed a poster for Shiffrin when she was just a young fan, saying “Dream big, Mikaela, and always be faster than the boys”. Not only has this stayed with Mikaela, but it will now stay with millions of women athletes around the world. To watch Mikaela’s gold medal race, click here.

Seventeen year old Chloe Kim was named the youngest female to win an Olympic snowboard medal in the 2018 Olympics. Kim took home the gold for USA in the women’s halfpipe and was competing in front of her extended Korean family, as her parents were born in South Korea. She scored a 98.25 on her gold medal run, which was already being considered just a victory lap since she had already placed first due to her stunning first run. However, Kim said she did not want to go home with a gold medal knowing she could have done better, so she gave it all she got in her third run, which left her with the gold medal. To watch Chloe’s incredible halfpipe run, click here.

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