Editors' Letter

Editors’ Letter

YAY IT’S SUMMERTIME!  This is the moment we have been waiting for – the time of year when we can kick back, relax and enjoy life without the stress of papers and tests (in theory – unless you have summer school, ACT/SAT prep, etc.).  The freedom of Summer allows for the opportunity to spend more time on a hobby, passion, or pick up some new skills. In this double issue we aim to inspire our readers by highlighting some extraordinary girls and young women who turned their hobbies and passions into successful businesses. You can read about Mikaila Ulmer who at 12 years old is now CEO of her multi-million dollar lemonade company that she launched at the age of 9, 18 year old Amber Yang whose space junk tracking program outsmarted the scientists at NASA, Samantha Shannon who at 20 years old landed a six-figure deal for her seven-part book series, and model Karlie Kloss who at 25, has not only enjoyed a successful 11-year career as a model, but also transformed her love of coding into a camp and program called “Kode with Klossy”.  

June is LGBTQ pride month and we report on Hari Nef, the first transgender model to be signed to a major modeling agency, and the Golden Globe winning star of the TV show Transparent.  We also feature Cara Delevingne, the top model, actress and singer who refuses to identify her sexuality in the press, though she is currently rumored to be dating the late Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson.  Delevingne has parlayed her fame into serving as a representative for Girl Up, the United Nations adolescent girl campaign. Finally, we take a look at Miley Cyrus’s charity The Happy Hippie Foundation, which the singer and actress founded in 2014, that supports charities working with homeless and LGBTQ youth.

Our Five Questions this month is with award-winning photographer and filmmaker Gillian Laub who in addition to filming Delevingne in conjunction with her United Nations work, has also produced many other important and inspiring film and photography projects that we know our readers will love.

Women are continuing to disrupt the status quo and we report on Ashley Graham embracing the beauty of women’s different shapes for their respective lingerie and swimsuit companies.  We also highlight some of the many women breaking barriers in politics and campaigning all over the country for midterm elections.

We take a look at the many events taking place in June and July including the French Open, which Serena Williams sadly had to forfeit due to an injury, despite her first exciting win while channeling catwoman in a black bodysuit.  We also take a closer look at the Tonys, the ESPYs, and the continued talk and demonstrations around gender equality at the Cannes Film Festival.

We wish you a fun-filled and rewarding summer and encourage you take advantage of all the amazing entertainment opportunities that we rounded up for you in our Recommendations section.  You can also make an impact by volunteering for some charity work which we have suggestions for as well! As always, thank you for your continued support of Girl Tribe Mag.

Xoxo, Chloe Cornell

Charlotte Madden

Paige Miller

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