The "It List"

The “It List”

By Chloe Cornell

Katy Perry proves to be a class act by sending a literal olive branch to Taylor Swift on the opening night of her Reputation Tour and a note apologizing for past behavior. Swift posted a video of the package on social media and wrote “I just got to my dressing room and found this actual olive branch. This means so much to me.”  In case you are thinking “why do I care about this?” you should know that Swift and Perry’s make-up was among the top 10 trending items worldwide on Twitter.


Ariana Grande stood up for herself and all women when she confronted a fan on twitter who blamed her for causing her ex boyfriend to relapse.  Her thoughtful response rejecting his comments registered and he apologized for his original comments.


Christina Aguilera went undercover and busked in the New York subway with Jimmy Fallon for The Tonight Show.  They sang Aretha Franklin’s “Think,” and then sang a rendition of Aguilera’s song “Fighter.”

Aguilera’s video with Demi Lovato for their new feminist anthem song “Fall in Line”

is also a must watch!


Abby Wambach, the 37-year old soccer champion’s inspirational commencement speech for Barnard College’s graduation has gone viral.  In it she lists four “rules” for women to live by, and Girl Tribe thinks this is valuable advice for all women, especially rule number three which is also our mantra – that women should “Champion each other.”

MJ Hegar, who is running against John R. Carter to represent Texas’ 31st District, created an extraordinary political ad to show constituents who she is – a Purple heart recipient and the second woman ever to receive the distinguished flying cross with valor, who served three tours in Afghanistan and later sued the Pentagon…and won…to allow female soldiers in combat.  She is also a mom and clearly a woman who you should not say no to. When Carter refused to take a meeting with her because she “wasn’t a donor,” Hegar decided it was time Carter got kicked to the curb so that she could take his place and actually represent the people of their district. This ad is a must watch and makes us wish we could vote for MJ Hegar.



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