Ashley Graham And Rihanna Disrupting Body Perfection In Brands

Ashley Graham Celebrates All Body Sizes With New Inclusive Swimsuit Line And Unretouched Ad Campaign

By Ellie Zimmerman

Ashley Graham, a plus sized model who has appeared on the cover of fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle, has recently created a swimsuit line titled “Swimsuits for All” that offers bathing suits in sizes 4-34 which she promotes with unedited photos. As retouched images are used as standard by the fashion industry and in the media, young girls everywhere have said they wish more models would follow Graham’s lead. In fact, one follower on the model’s instagram commented: Oh my goodness this makes me feel okay about my cellulite. I wish more models would do this. #lovetheskinyourein.” Graham posts these photos on her various social media platforms and captions them with reminders like, “being authentic is beautiful,” and “suit up like a boss.” Graham’s unedited photos are published in hopes of more transparency in the media around touching up and photoshopping images along with a desire to expand the definition of beauty. Graham strutting her stuff and declaring, “I’m not ashamed of a few lumps, bumps or cellulite… and you shouldn’t be either” is empowering women across the world to love their bodies regardless of flaws and insecurities and encourages them to stray from beauty norms.


Rihanna Disrupts The Lingerie Industry With Her New All Inclusive Line for Savage x Fenty

By Chloe Cornell

Rihanna  also disrupted the status quo of the lingerie industry, with the launch of her new intimates line Savage x Fenty.  Her “all women are celebrated” mentality translated into multi color lines targeting all skin tones, and a wide array of sizes for all body types.  In addition, the advertising campaign features both plus sized models as well as traditional. Stella Duval, a model for the Savage x Fenty line told the New York Post “I think RiRi is, truly, starting a revolution.  She is changing the way people view beauty. She is lifting the barrier between ‘plus-size’ and ‘straight-size’ – she is making us equals.”


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