Editors' Letter

Editor’s Letter

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Editor’s Letter

By Haley Brettschneider and Reese Wolfe

These past few months have been incredibly difficult amid the COVID-19 pandemic. People all over the world have taken to social media and the internet to connect with peers in a safe, socially-distanced manner while trying to lift the community’s spirits. Whether it’s creating music videos at home, sharing fun recipes, making face masks, or researching the best PPE equipment, there is so much to do.

In the Entertainment section you can learn about the virtual Emmys that took place this year. Although it was less exciting for artists to accept their awards from home, their music was award winning and deserved recognition nonetheless. You can also read about how female rappers have made headlines as more and more of them have openly expressed their sexuality in an explicit and controversial, yet empowering manner. Furthermore other female artists, such as Billie Eilish and Beyonce, have produced albums that have taken to the charts.

 Moreover in the politics section, you can read about the Presidential election ahead. Kamala Harris and Jill Biden are proving that women can and SHOULD be leading our country in politics. Finally, you can read about kids all over the world adapting to a “hybrid model” of learning away from their typical, in person school environment and the challenges faced by the government as they open schools.

Women have increased their presence in professional sports which you can read about in the sports section. The first women owned soccer team was established this year by Natalie Portman, Serena Williams, and many others. Additionally, more sports teams and countries have announced equal pay for men and women!

In business, we have spotlighted the fashion and business industry working together to collaborate on a special lipstick. Additionally another beauty company, Glossier, has taken a stand against racism and donated a tremendous amount of money to anti-racism organizations. 

If you’re looking to support front line workers in the pandemic be sure to buy Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scouts have donated a significant amount of cookies to nurses and doctors and even are producing a new delicious looking cookie. You’ll have to read the article in our Charity section to see what it is!!

In the culture section, you can find information on the best face masks to use and the new statue in Central Park, which commemorates influential women who contributed to the suffragist movement. Be sure to check out the article on Mae Krier and the special masks she has created.

Finally, as usual we provide you with recommendations to help occupy your new free time. Reading about ice cream pioneers, listening to new music, reading books, watching top movies, and utilizing tips for a more restful sleep will sure to give you something to look forward to. Once again thank you for your continued support during these tough times and stay safe!


Haley Brettschneider and Reese Wolfe

Editors in chief

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