Glossier Takes a Stand Against Racism, Beyonce and Marine Serre, Pat McGrath Labs x Supreme

Glossier Takes a Stand Against Racism

By Mary Burdick

Your favorite beauty enhancing company doesn’t only produce some of the best light-weight mascara; they also proudly stand against the systemic racism which plagues America.

Glossier, the beloved makeup and skincare brand known for their minimalistic branding, has publicly denounced systemic racism, white supremacy, and racial oppression in any form. The brand recently released on instagram their plan to fight the racial injustices in our country, becoming one of the first makeup companies to publicly show their solidarity with the Black community. Their instagram post reads, “Black Lives Matter.” and “We’re inspired by so many people in our community who are using their voice and making change. We see you and are with you”. 

Further exemplifying their support, Glossier has allocated one million dollars to donate to a variety of different organizations and companies fighting racism across the United States. 

Half of the money from Glossier is being donated to anti-racism organizations centered around “combating racial injustice”. Some of these organizations include The NAACP Legal Defence and Educational Fund, The Equal Justice Initiative, and The Marsha P. Johnson Institute. By donating to these organizations Glossier demonstrates their anti-racism views and hopes to make a difference in the lives of those impacted by systemic racism.

The other half of the fund is being donated to Black-owned beauty businesses, to inspire change within the beauty industry. Glossier recently announced the sixteen companies in which they are sending the money, and it is safe to say that all the companies have noteworthy products. The companies were selected from a wide range of businesses that applied for the Glossier grant back in July of 2020. Companies that made the list include Brown Girl Jane, a vegan wellness brand taking the beauty industry by storm, and Melanj Hair, a company focused on textured hair extensions and products.

Glossier is also inspiring others to get involved in the fight against racism. They are hoping to spread awareness and change among the beauty industry and community. For more information on how you can help, check out Glossier’s instagram stories or look into some of the companies and organizations mentioned above.




Beyonce’s Iconic Moon Print

By Jordyn Roskind, Avery Smith, and Hadley Hart 

“The moon for us is like an icon, an emblem, an image, a representation, a flag, a language, a metaphor, an object of what we believe in: crossing boundaries, hybridity, and freedom.… It is one of the oldest symbols that ever existed, present everywhere, and that keeps evolving with us…. It is never stable and timeless at the same time.” Marine Serre’s crescent moon print has become a fashion phenomenon of 2020. Beyonce promoted the print in her “Black Is King” music video, which helped fuel the popularity of the print and the clothing line. 

Marine Serre uses her fashion platform in order to promote important ideas about sustainability, community, and fashion’s role in society. She highlights models of all ethnicities as well as models of all ages in her fashion shows. Her moon print design, which is affordable for younger fashion lovers, immediately sold out when it was first released in 2017. The pieces in the line are priced between $100 and $300. Beyonce wore a brown one piece style of Serre’s moon print in her “Black Is King” music video. The print is currently sold in many different colors and items of clothing, such as pants, shirts, and dresses. The most popular color is now the same brown that Beyonce wore in her video. Serre’s moon print design has become iconic and has even been featured in Vogue magazine.

The moon logo holds importance in both the fashion industry and the music industry, due to the symbolism embedded in it. The print represents diversity, crossing boundaries, and the idea that nothing you strive to achieve is out of reach. People “celebrate her use of an icon as universal as the moon as a tool for bridging cultural differences.” Marine Serre and Beyonce, both influential people, made their work well-known with a positive message behind it. While the prints popularity is mostly credited to its aesthetically pleasing and simple appearance, the moon printed items also make a statement with its powerful symbolism. 




Pat McGrath Labs and Supreme Lab Collaboration

By Sasha Granik

The fashion and beauty industries heavily influenced society and its norms. A collaboration between a street style and a cosmetic company was unheard of. This year, Pat Mcgrath Labs and Supreme are launching a very special lipstick! Supreme is one of the most well known streetwear brands and has taken the industry by storm in the past few years. Pat Mcgrath Labs, on the other hand, has done no less in the beauty industry, stemming from Pat’s very own own love for makeup. 

Supreme’s iconic red branding and slanted font will be on the lipstick packaging showcasing a theme of “paint the town red”. The lipstick will also feature stunning gold hardware and a bright ruby shade that is a must have. Sneakerheads and makeup artists unite for this epic collaboration, eager for the release. 

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