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6 Scents to Help You Sleep!

By Ella Santomero

During high school, sleep is crucial, but because of the stress and work students have, getting a good night’s sleep is almost rare. That is why I was excited to learn the six scents that are scientifically proven to help a person sleep better! Amy Galper, an aromatherapist and founder of this first aromatherapist school in NYC, fills us in on what scents she finds are proven to aid sleep. 


Clary Sage

Galper finds that Clary Sage is the number one scent to improve sleep because it “reverses the effects of restlessness”. Galper states that “because it has properties that are antispasmodic, stress in the body can be eased away by massaging oil on anywhere you feel tense”



The second best scent to improve sleep is lavender, because of its calming effect that draws you to sleep. Galper shares that lavender actually shares molecules that relax the body and mind without overthinking. It also is helpful to support and slow down our breath.



Rose is the third best scent to help you sleep. This is because it is proven to be naturally relaxing according to research done to improve one’s stress levels. 



Chamomile is the fourth best scent because it can actually calm down one’s body and mind. According to Galper, it “is antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory” and is “great for relaxing muscle stiffness”. Because of all of these benefits, having chamomile tea before bed would significantly improve one’s health and physical wellbeing, as well as sleep. 


Your Partner’s Scent

According to a psychological study where over a hundred participants spent two nights with a control smell and two nights with their partners scent, the majority of the participants slept significantly better with their partners scent than with the control scent. Not only does the scent of your partner help you relax, but it allows you to have a deeper sleep. 



Frankincense is the final smell that can aid sleep. It is beneficial for soothing nerves and is most commonly found in an incense form. Frankincense can quiet your mind and relax your breath.




What Is Anxiety? 

By Ella Santomero

Even though anxiety is the most common mental illness, many people still do not know the definition of it and how to recognize it. A common misconception around anxiety is that “it is just in your head”. This is false and actually 40 million people over  the age of 18 suffer from it every year, while less than half of people affected receive treatment. Even though Anxiety looks different on everyone, there are some symptoms to look out for. GAD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which affects over 6 million adults, can usually look like excessive worrying, trouble focusing, fixating on worst case scenarios, trouble sleeping and indecisiveness. Because a person has some of these symptoms does not mean that they necessarily have anxiety, it just means that they should look into it more and seek help if needed. Be sure to get treatment from a doctor instead of relying on WebMD to diagnose. A tip that can help a person cope with anxiety is the 54321 method where you list five things you can see, four things you can hear, three things you can feel, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste. This can help you be grounded in the present and focus on the things around you. 

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