Girl Tribe Recommends: Books

By Julia French and Reese Wolfe


Here are a few must-reads this month which discuss everything from body positivity to the importance of Black and Latina women in politics. 


White Ivy by Susie Yang

A novel that depicts the childhood hardships of a chinese immigrant, the pressure of elite social circles, and the messiness of romance through the description of moments in protagonist Ivy’s life.



Aesthetics of Excess: The Art and Politics of Black and Latina Embodiment by Jillian Hernandez  

University of Florida Professor Jillian Hernandez explores how Black and Latina women embody their cultures through self-expression. She further describes the beauty in being able to own oneself and radiate confidence.


What Kind of Woman by Kate Baer

Kate Baer explores what it means to be a woman (a wife, sister, mother, daughter, friend) during a pandemic. 


One Life by Megan Rapinoe

Olympic gold medalist Megan Rapinoe describes her journey playing soccer for the US national team, coming out publicly, advocating for lgbtq+ rights, protesting racial injustices, and suing the US Soccer Federation for gender descrimination.

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