Women@Dior Program and Blume

Dior Sponsors Women@Dior Program

By Sammie Roskind


Recently, the artistic director of Christian Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri, showcased the new “Sisterhood” T-shirts at the third annual Women@Dior program. Women@Dior is a committee and program combining groups of female students studying a wide range of topics, such as medicine and business, with groups of males. The program is majorly situated in New York, however, it is growing tremendously and is expected to expand to 10 cities and number 400 people. Also, in 2018, Women@Dior was prized and ranked as a successful social and environmental program. The meeting, which met in the past week, consisted of empowering group discussions revolving around gender equality, pertaining to the fashion and business industry. All members left the program with homework; a copy of Robin Morgan’s Sisterhood Is Forever.





Meet Blume – A New Company For Periods

By Charlotte Madden


Blume, a new company that delivers organic period products, has worked hard in order to create sustainable feminine products which are both safe for the environment and women’s bodies. Not only has Blume worked to create safer and more adequate period products, they have also strived to end the stigma of periods as a whole. Blume’s tampons are 100% cotton, and they are chlorine, bleach, pesticides, synthetic fiber, and crude oil free. Blume also donates partial proceeds to Days for Girls, an organization that gives the opportunity of health and dignity to girls through menstrual health solutions and education.


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