Ashlyn Harris, Ali Kreiger, and Megan Rapinoe Are Spokesmodels and Shoes Become Sustainable

Soccer Stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris Become Spokesmodels for Bumble and Bumble

By Reese Wolfe


U.S women’s national soccer team goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris and defender Ali Krieger desire to bridge the gap between beauty and sports, and they have partnered with Bumble and Bumble to do just that. The newlyweds are currently training with their team in hopes of qualifying for their seventh consecutive Olympic Games. However, the power couple won’t just be relevant to the sports world, but also to the beauty industry. Harris stated that “Bumble and Bumble has always been on the cutting edge of what’s different. It’s a nonconforming brand, and we want to show that beauty takes on many forms and should be celebrated within sports.” 

Harris describes how a sense of identity can be muted on the field by the uniform and team oriented focus in soccer. Harris said “on the field, my hair was the only way to show who I was and what I was about.” Krieger also noted that “beauty is an important vehicle of self-expression” for the two, as they are constantly having their photos taken, going to events, and being televised. Krieger describes how she has the desire to look “good” and “professional” when she goes to work in order to ensure that she feels “confident in every way.” 

Kreiger and Harris have been Bumble and Bumble fans for quite some time now and even shared their favorite products. Kreiger uses the Bumble and Bumble Strong Finish Hairspray and  Prêt-à-Powder to create her iconic high bun while Harris uses Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/ UV Protective which she finds effective in protecting her colored hair from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Power couple Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger of the U.S women’s national soccer team are excited to partner with Bumble and Bumble in hopes of bridging the gap between beauty and sports.


Luxury brand Loewe Has Made Megan Rapinoe The Face Of Their New Ad Campaign

By Alexa Bournazos


Famous U.S. soccer player Megan Rapinoe is the face of Spanish luxury fashion brand Loewe’s new ad campaign. Rapinoe is known for her amazing soccer skills, as she was named FIFA’s Best Women’s Player in the World last year, and her work as an activist fighting for equal pay for women in sports. Loewe’s creative director Jonathan Anderson saw Rapinoe in an interview and was so inspired by her. Although it is not always apparent through the lens of social media and the publicity focused on Rapinoe, she is very interested in fashion and has said, “With the exception of using my mouth, (fashion) is the chief way that I express myself every day.” The campaign allowed her to be herself and show her personality as displayed through her pink hair and trademark sneering victory face in the ad. Highlighting Rapinoe in the ad brings to light issues of gender equality and activism, especially in sports, into the fashion world because of her strong interest in social justice as a sportsperson. 






Sustainable Shoes And Sneakers Is Fashion’s Latest Trend

By Ellie Zimmerman

Shoes are responsible for one-fifth of the environmental impacts produced by the apparel industry. With 1.5 trillion liters of water used by the industry each year, retailers are beginning to recognize the detriments of fast fashion and are discovering ways to reduce their footprints. On the forefront of innovation, Rothy’s, a sustainable footwear start up, has created shoes made out of plastic water bottles. Rothy’s was launched in 2013 and is now valued at more than $700 million dollars. Rothy’s website notes their zero waste policy and that they are “inspired by the remarkable women of today and we’re proud to craft sustainable styles that help them effortlessly move through their day.” Thanks to brands like Rothy’s, the use of recycled materials in the footwear industry jumped 70 percent in 2019. Large brands like Gucci have also incorporated recycled plastic into the heels of some of their shoes, including the Marmont line and Sylvie and Desirè collections, and are making some soles with 50 percent bio-based plastic. Although most brands have to start small because it is difficult for them to transform their entire production processes to work with sustainable materials, the sneaker market’s biggest competitors have begun to increase their sustainability efforts. In fact, Nike has started using recycled leather, Adidas uses recycled plastic, and Reebok announced a running sneaker made from plant-derived, instead of petroleum-based, materials. From the looks of things, sustainability is the new fashion trend!

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