Meet Virginie Viard & How Women Get Ahead In Business

Meet Virginie Viard – The New Head Of Chanel After Karl Lagerfeld’s Death

By Jessie Bobman

Ever since the 80’s, Virginie Viard has been working closely with Karl Lagerfeld, the designer of Chanel. As a result of Lagerfeld’s recent death, many were unsure of who would take his place within Chanel. The media was soon made aware that this person was Virginie Viard. While Karl was an outspoken figure, Viard prefered to stay under the radar. Lagergeld and Viard first met when Viard was interning at Chanel, and they soon became great friends. While Karl Lagerfeld was an inspiring designer whose legacy will live on forever, many are excited to see what Virginie Viard has in store for Chanel. Viard is believed to be the best person to carry on Karl’s legacy through her incredible designs. Virginie Viard is the perfect replacement for Karl Lagerfeld because of her close relationship with him as well as her extensive knowledge about Chanel as a result of working closely with Karl for over 30 years.





Research Shows That Networking And A Solid Inner Circle Is How Women Get Ahead In Business

By Sammie Roskind

A study by the Northwestern University and the University of Notre Dame proves that support and guidance between women affect a woman’s chance of obtaining a leadership position. This study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and they essentially followed 700 alumni students from a top ranked business school. The size of each person’s social network, the strength of networks, and amount of same sex contacts were investigated. Through this investigation, it was conveyed that 75% of high-ranked women were included in female-dominated circles. These female-dominated circles are said to be 2.5 times greater than small women networks and male-dominated networks as well. In all, it is significant that women who wish to be successful should get involved in women-dominated inner circles.



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