Forbes List Of Power Women, NYC Gets New Statues of Women

Forbes Magazine Announces 15th Annual List of 100 Most Powerful Women in the World – Taylor Swift the Youngest Honoree at 28 and Queen Elizabeth II the Oldest at 92

By Ryan Hammel


Forbes Magazine published its fifteenth annual list of the one hundred most powerful women in the world on December 4th. It represents the toughest and strongest female business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and philanthropists in this age. Moira Forbes, the executive vice president of Forbes Media, states that “Forbes’ Most Powerful Women 2018 List reflects what is always known about power, how ephemeral it is and how volatile it can be. The world’s most powerful women are leading amidst a tumultuous time where geopolitical tensions are on the rise, key economic factors are facing instability, and where trust in institutions is at an all time low.”

The 2018 list includes more than six generations of of influential women, the youngest honoree, Taylor Swift, at 28, and the oldest, Queen Elizabeth II, at 98. It is also the first year the list includes siblings: Anne and Susan Wojcicki. Representation spans all the way across the globe. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, preserves her top spot for the eighth consecutive year, but thirteen times in total.

The women who appear on the list appeared in six categories: business, technology, media and entertainment, philanthropy, finance, and politics and policy. These one hundred women on this recently published list are creating million dollar brands, being in charge of financial markets, traveling across the globe to orchestrate international agreements, helping those in need, and so much more. These accomplishments deserve to be publicized greatly, and Forbes Magazine does an impressive job of displaying them.


NYC Is Going To Get More Statues of Women

By Mary Burdick and Maya Hirani


New York City, one of, if not the most well known and visited city in the world, is known for its historic landmarks and statues. From the statue of Christopher Colombus at Colombus Circle, to the George Washington statue in Washington Square Park, historical figures can be seen all throughout the city. Out of the hundreds of statues in NYC, only a small few are statues of women, let alone women of color.

Shirley Chisholm, the first African American to run for Presidency and the first black U.S. Congresswomen, however, is known for not only breaking, but tearing down barriers. Chisholm will be the first of many groundbreaking and historic women to have a statue made for her around New York City, in an initiative to add more statues of women like Chisholm. Shirley is a inspiration to women all over the United States for political determination and several notable achievements.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, she worked hard throughout her school years and received a masters degree in education from Columbia University. Throughout her life she felt somewhat handicapped in being both a female and colored, and dismissed others when they suggested a political career. However, these thoughts diminished when she joined several political focused groups such as the Democratic Party Club and decided to run for a seat in  Congress. Once she became a congresswomen, she made several efforts to further the fight against female and race prejudice, and decided to run for President. Because of the discriminatory ways against women and colored people at the time, Chisholm was the victim of several inequalities that handicapped her election process such as a limited number of speeches and TV air time. Although Shirley lost the election, she changed the view of thousands of Americans and paved the way for colored women in politics. The statue being created in NYC is an important reminder of both honoring the importance of Shirley Chisholm and remembering her constant struggle.

This statue was a result of several complaints from locals and the growing awareness of women equality. A progressive project, She Built NYC, was created this past June in efforts to further the historical awareness for females throughout New York City. Although only one statue is being built currently, they are planning to create several more statues of other important females in our history.






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