Editors' Letter

Editors’ Letter

It’s a month for Pink!  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everywhere you look – from football games to consumer products to worldwide landmarks, pink has taken over.  And on Wednesday October 3rd we have another reason to wear pink – it is Mean Girls Day – and as any fan of the cult classic knows, on Wednesdays we wear pink!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, we spotlight some celebrities including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Angelina Jolie, Cynthia Nixon and Olivia Newton-John that have overcome breast cancer and how they have publicly shared their stories and gotten involved with charities to raise awareness and hopefully eradicate this widespread disease.  We also have an important article explaining important information that all women should know about breast cancer including the importance of regular self-examination, healthy habits, and medical information.  Serena Williams has also joined the movement to promote self-exams with her video which is featured in this month’s “IT LIST.”

October is also National Bullying Prevention Month and our motto is “You Can Sit With Us!”  (We just love Mean Girl’s Day!) We highlight Ellen DeGeneres and Bella Thorne who were bullied, and now support charities including Stomp Out Bullying to raise awareness and help put an end to bullying in schools.  Lady Gaga, one of the most vocal anti-bully celebrities of our time, stuns in this month’s remake of “A Star Is Born.” Read all about her star turn, and make sure you see the movie which is already generating Oscar buzz.  “Curvy” model Ashley Graham who has also faced her own share of bullying, continues to fight body shaming and worked with The New York Times for a groundbreaking 3D, 360 degree view of her walking the runways during Fashion Month without any retouching to promote realistic body visuals.  You can read about her trailblazing actions in the Entertainment section.

Football season is here and it is no longer just for the guys!  In our Sports section we report on women breaking into the sport including Jen Welter, Kelsey Martinez and Katie Sowers.  Jen Welter also wrote a great inspirational book which is featured in our Recommended section as well as the new book from Betches “When’s Happy hour? Work hard so you can hardly work.”  This month’s Five Questions features Betches Editor-in-chief Sara Levine, who was also Chloe Cornell’s boss this summer!

Women’s health is currently a hot button topic in Washington, and Planned Parenthood has announced their new President Dr. Leana Wen who you can get to know in this issue’s Charity section. Recently everyone’s attention is focused on the unprecedented Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh, and in this issue we highlight some important related conversations in our “IT LIST” and Recommended sections.  We would love to hear from our Girl Tribe readers what they think of this explosive situation.

The only way women will ensure they have a voice in government is if they get elected.  As we have reported, there is an unprecedented amount of women running for Congress, and in this issue you can read how they are changing the rules of what a politician should look and act like.  

California continues to prove that it is a trailblazing state with the just passed law that every public company must have a woman on their board, which you can also read about in Politics.  Our Business section shows how valuable women are for companies – we feature Arielle Charnas’ new Something Navy clothing launch, and the new nationwide ad campaign promoting STEM careers for girls.

There is a lot of great things to do this month from Halloween themed events, great movies, interesting TV and online interviews and some great new songs to listen to by female artists.  We hope you enjoy this issue and please let us know what you think!


Xoxo Chloe Cornell

Charlotte Madden

Paige Miller

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