#BlackoutWithUs and Rebecca Minkoff’s “Superwomen” Campaign

#BlackoutWithUs Facebook Protest Started By on 4/20

By Ellie Zimmerman

Sites like Google, Instagram and Facebook contain a lot of people’s personal information. Users of those sites trust them not to breach their data so that it stays protected. However, recent news broke that Facebook had leaked the data of over 50 million users to a U.K. firm Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica allegedly used the data collected to assist Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Obviously, users are upset! Betches, a female run website that explores everything from The Bachelor recaps to Facebook security breaches, created a campaign against Facebook’s abusive policies and to show support for the students of Parkland. Betches is calling the campaign #blackoutwithus and is asking us to show our support by simply changing our Facebook profile photo to a black box for the next national school walkout day, April 20th. Undoubtedly, this protest is not going to fix Facebook in one day but it is an attempt to show them we notice what they are doing and we will not put up with it anymore.

Here is a photo that you can post to your facebook page to participate in #blackoutwithus

Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff’s “Superwomen” Campaign

By Chloe Cornell

At the infamous January 2017 Women’s March, females from all over the world marched in support of women’s rights, inclusion, and equality. Within that community, there are women who not only march in the national women’s marches, but dedicate their lives to making a difference for all women. In appreciation of these inspiring women, or “superwomen”, who have devoted their lives to making this a reality, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff created a social space entitled “RM Women”. This social platform was created with the goal of highlighting Women’s Rights activists as well as to encourage other women to lead fearless and empowered lives.

Minkoff interviewed Women’s March leaders, feminist artists, and influencers about what makes a superwoman and why they are inspired to promote women’s power. Portraits of the interviewees were compiled to create the campaign and represent the emerging feminist era.  Some of the women featured in the campaign are:

Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (pictured above)

Zanna Rassi, co-founder of Milk Makeup, Editor at Marie Claire and E! News Correspondent

Paola Mendoza, Artistic Director, The Women’s March

Gretchen Carlson, Author, Television Commentator & Chairwoman of the Miss America Board of Directors.

Asked why she chose DeRosa as a Superwoman, Minkoff told The New York Post, “I think she’s a total badass and she’s an example to me ​of​ a strong woman leader who is setting an example for a lot of other women.”

Connie Lim, the musician MILCK, is another women featured in the campaign. Lim wrote on her Facebook page, “It feels 500 times more meaningful that this campaign is more than just about what us women look like, but also what we have to say. Slay! Yas!”

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