Beyonce x Adidas And Cardi B’s Financial Advice

Beyoncé x Adidas

By Paige Miller


Although she is most known for her pop music, Queen B is expanding her horizons by collaborating with Adidas to create new shoes and apparel. Beyoncé created her own brand called Ivy Park in 2016, which is an activewear clothing line with Topshop. When Beyoncé announced that she was collaborating with Adidas, she said it was “an offer of a lifetime.” Not only does Beyoncé want to promote women within the athletic field but also the growing market of female “sneakerheads.” The idea for both Adidas and Beyoncé is to create a community where all women are supported by sports commonanies and women should not feel as though there are less options to choose from. Watch out for an instagram post with Beyoncé’s launch date!





Cardi B’s Financial Advice

By Charlotte Madden


The goal of Moj Mahdara, the C.E.O of Beautycon, is to change the fact that most of the money made in the beauty industry is made by male executives; she wants women in beauty to achieve the level of wealth attained by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Mahdara believes that many women are afraid to talk about money, and thought of no better way to end that stigma than to interview the audacious “Money” singer, Cardi B. When asked by Moj Mahdara what the key is to becoming financially successful as a woman, Cardi B responded with six straight-forward tips: ask for what you want, listen to your mom, don’t get distracted by social media, live within your means, hustle for a future, and know where your money is going. Cardi B’s confidence and inspiring story of how she made it from being part of a low-income family to a top-earning celebrity with surely inspire many. The notorious “Bodak Yellow” singer, Cardi B, knows how to make “Money Moves.”


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