Women Creating Businesses For Women and Their Daughters

Ramy Brook Sharp Features Her Daughter And Mother in an Ad Campaign For Ramy Brook Honoring Mother’s Day

By Liv Pilot

Ramy Brook Sharp, who began her clothing line in her home while raising her three children, had the inspiration to create an ad campaign entitled “Strong Moms” in honor of Mother’s Day last year.  She had her own daughter and mom posing with her, decked out in Ramy Brook, as the cover shot for the campaign. She included 20 other moms and their daughters in the campaign. Each daughter wrote a heartfelt note describing how their mom is strong and inspiring. Their messages were incorporated into the ads. Sharp said that she was inspired by her own mom and the other women in her life. She designs her clothing with those women in mind and with the intention for the clothes to make women feel “happy, sexy and strong.”

As someone who was a participant in the campaign, I felt Ramy had a strong message and an awesome way of putting it out there! Her Mother’s day campaign gave me the opportunity to remind my mom how she is an inspiration and incredible role model. In addition, the campaign spread a positive message about women in fashion, and how Ramy Brook is a brand for women, by women!

On this mothers day, everyone should take the time to remind their mother why they are inspiring, empowering, and strong.

Women Creating Businesses For Women By Women

Ellie Zimmerman

The 2017 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report commissioned by American Express revealed some shocking statistics: there are approximately 11.6 million women-owned businesses which are generating around $1.7 trillion in revenue. Alongside current movements in which many women are helping women, several women entrepreneurs are creating businesses designed specifically towards helping other women strive. Sallie Krawcheck, the CEO and co-founder of Ellevest and mother of two children, created Ellevest to work as a global professional women’s network that helps women connect, learn and invest in themselves and in other females. Ellevest helps women reach their full capacity, reiterated on their website as, “We believe women are still an under-tapped resource in the business world and in society at large – and that it’s time to change that.” It is no surprise that Krawcheck was named 7th most powerful woman in the world in 2005 and continues to help women succeed in many ways. Jennifer Fonstad, the co-founder of venture-capital firm Aspect Ventures, the largest female-founded venture firm in the world, notes that a majority of her success can be credited to diversity and culture within her company. Fonstad remarks on culture in an interview with Ellevest:

“Culture is such a critical aspect of any successful company. Whether it’s gender diversity or age diversity or ethnic diversity or even introvert-versus-extrovert type of diversity, having a culture and an environment that really pulls out the best in people and really enables them to perform at their peak and want to perform at their peak is really what drives these companies to be successful and to grow. And so that’s the type of environment that any entrepreneur — male or female — would want to create in their own company in order to drive that kind of success.”

Theresia Gouwin, Fonstad’s co-founder, follows up with the significance of diversity, saying:

“I’m encouraged by the fact that these stories are so large, and so in everybody’s mind, that finally male and female leaders, from Melinda and Bill Gates to Reid Hoffman, are speaking out about why [gender diversity] is critical. If we really want to continue the pace of growth and be a leader in tech and in the global space, we need to figure out how to fix our culture and make it more inclusive for all of our talented citizens.”

Within these for women by women businesses, a significant category stands, that of menstrual and personal products. Companies like Lola and Boxed help women avoid the hassles of menstrual products and deliver whichever ones you desire right to your door. Not only does Lola provide women with monthly organic feminine products, they also give back. Founded by two incredible women, Jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman, Lola donates thousands of feminine care products to low-income women and girls across America. Moreover, Boxed, an online realtor that delivers products to your door, helps avoid the raised tax on women-specific products called the “pink tax”. Boxed does not add on an unjust tax to women’s personal products including deodorant, menstrual products and lotions, which can save us thousands in the long run.

Obviously, these by women for women companies all significantly improve today’s evolving society and deserve immense recognition and support.

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