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Women Veterans, Thanksgiving Activities, And L’Oréal’s Women of Worth

Recognizing Rosebud Archer and Women Veterans

By Paige Miller


Monday, November 11 is Veterans Day. Most students and workers have this day off, however, they treat this day as a day off and do not recognize the importance of remembering those who have served our country. GirlTribe recognizes Rosebud Archer just one out of many women who have served our country

Rosebud Archer served our Country through the Navy and the Army. She grew up in New Jersey with her siblings and parents, before her dad died from a heart attack when she was 8 years old. Growing up Rosebud’s mom always told her that it was their job to help people who were less fortunate than they were. Her mom set a perfect example for her, working 16 hours a day to provide for six children as a single mother. She chose to join the Navy in 1952 as a way to best represent the responsibility of duty that she inherited from her family. Over the course of her time serving, she earned a Good Conduct Medal, helped in the education office and eventually became a flight attendant. In 1956 she decided to join the Army, where she became a master sergeant until 1993. Every time Archer got a promotion, nobody wanted to take her job because they were too scared they would not be able to complete the tasks as good as Archer could. 

When men or women come back from serving, they are usually homeless. Recently the number of homeless veterans is declining, however, the percentage of women among them is rising. Women are less likely to find work that earns them enough money for permanent housing, and many of them are faced with other post-war challenges that set them back from an average woman civilian. 

We can do something to help these women who have served us. It can be just spreading the word and remembering how important it is to remember those who have and continue to serve us. Furthermore, we can put in more time in our local communities by raising money for organizations that include: She Served, Fatigues To Fabulous, Grace After Fire and Military Women in Need. No women should feel like their part in serving our country is forgotten. 




Ways To Give Back on Thanksgiving

By Paige Miller


Pumpkin spice, cut out turkey hands, jeans and sweaters, that is how we know that Thanksgiving is approaching. Every American citizen looks forward to the big feast on Thanksgiving Day, but most importantly every teenage girl looks forward to watching the famous Gossip Girl Thanksgiving episode (Season 3 Episode 11). Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for your family, friends, and health, however, we can do more than just sit around and watch the parade. 

Cooking For A Shelter

Thanksgiving is a holiday known for the food. Cooking for your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen puts smiles on everyone’s faces. If you are not a chef, then you can just serve the food and say “Happy Thanksgiving”. This means more than you probably think. 

Giving to the Elderly

Most elderly individuals spend Thanksgiving alone. You can walk into your local elderly home and put a smile on someone’s face by wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving. 

Supporting our Troops

Imagine not spending Thanksgiving with your family?!? How devastating is that:( Write a Troop a letter saying how you are Thankful for all that they do to put a smile on their face and know that someone is thinking of them. 




L’Oréal Paris announces 2019 Women of Worth

By Eliza Fogel


Every year, L’Oréal Paris selects ten of the most influential women in the U.S. who are igniting positive action in their distinct communities and bringing about self-worth in others. Women of Worth highlights incredible women who represent the passion, spirit, and selflessness of women everywhere to volunteer their time to benefit others and serve the good of their communities. Tim Coolicam, L’Oreal Paris USA President, speaks to the commitment of L’Oreal as they make the world more worthy of women in both their products and philanthropic programs. L’Oreal’s Women of Worth program empowers as many women as possible to celebrate the beauty of giving back in addition to celebrating their own worth.  Each honoree receives $10,000 to further their causes and gain opportunities to market and network in order to elevate her story. L’Oreal also has the public vote on one winner, and that winner will receive $25,000 and be named the national honoree. They will celebrate in December of 2019 in New York City at an awards ceremony hosted by L’Oreal Paris. The Women of Worth alumnae encompasses a broad range of women, representing all ages, backgrounds, and races. Examples of the previous causes that these women have supported are supporting survivors of sex trafficking, raising awareness of mass incarceration, and working on anti-bullying projects. 

 Some of this year’s winner include Brittany Schivone, Crystal Chatman, and Ni’cola Mitchell. Brittany created Brittany’s Basket of Hope, a non-profit dedicated to providing support and guidance for families welcoming babies with down syndrome into their lives. Crystal created a non-profit “Beautiful Spirited Women” dedicated to empowering and advocating for girls. This is a platform for young women to share their experiences of low self-esteem, sex, domestic, violence, and depression in a safe space. Ni’Cola created the non-profit Girls Who Brunch to support women in foster care as well as victims of sex trafficking and young mothers. 

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