Summer Programs

Summer Programs

By Paige Miller


After spending all year in school, it is great to find a summer activity that allows you to pursue your particular interest and let loose. Camp is a phenomenal experience that many girls enjoy. As girls age out of camp, many teenagers choose to travel and experience different cultures from around the world through different programs. Westcoast Connection, Rustic Pathways, Summer Discovery, and Summer 365 are a few programs that Girl Tribe highly recommends. All three founders of Girl Tribe are choosing to attend one of these programs to Costa Rica, Australia, and California.

However maintaining the womenโ€™s empowerment theme, Girls Who Code is an awesome summer activity for girls who are interested in the computer science field. The program is seven weeks long and allows young girls to be face to face with robotics, web design, and mobile development. If you are someone who has a strong feeling for coding this is the right program for you! You can find Girls Who Code across the country.

Girls in the Game is a non-profit organization that is chicago-based. The program focuses on young girls health and athletic ability. Traditionally, boys are more exposed to sports, but Girls In The Game encourages young girls to participate in sports, generating confidence and leadership. Furthermore, it helps girls find a healthier body image and how to love your body. You can sign up to volunteer on the website.

Girls Leadership is a summer camp that focuses on girlsโ€™ confidence, communication, and skills for the outside world. They bring in specialists to help young women find who they truly are and understand the power that women have in todayโ€™s society. The program also works on how to communicate with parents and friends. Girls Leadership is found all over the country, including New York.

Girl Tribe is working on their own program that will most likely start in August. Our goal is to teach young girls how to manage their own program but also teach them the power that women have. We will be posting more information about this program in a few weeks.


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