Soapply, Bulletin, And Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

Soapply – A Female Founded Soap Company That Helps Save Lives

By Eliza Fogel


Created by 30 year old entrepreneur Mera McGrew, Soapply was created to fund basic hygiene needs all around the world using organic and sustainable methods. McGrew spent her twenties working in Africa and giving back doing what she calls “the positive impact approach” or how the companies gave back to the countries and communities they worked with.  While in East Africa, she was able to truly understand one of our world’s largest issues, basic hygiene and cleanliness. In our world, we don’t think of washing our hands or using soap as a particularly luxury yet in these impoverished communities of East Africa, people need access to clean water and soap. Every year about 1.4 million children die of diseases which could have been easily helped by washing hands to get rid of bacteria and germs. Where there is readily available water in East Africa, there was not soap or any instruction of how to properly use soap and clean your hands which is where McGrew comes in. She speaks about the numerous studies that show how clean hands reduces the likelihood of diarrheal diseases and respiratory infections and increases the attendance rate of students, especially girls reaching regular menstruation.

After all of her work and extensive research, McGrew returned home from Africa to make a smooth and attractively packaged soap which is available online and through subscription services. It sells for $25 and is better for you and the environment. Additionally, a large portion of the profits is sent to Africa in addition to some of the soaps. Because of the links to cancer and skin diseases and irritations, McGrew found better ingredients for her soaps like olive and coconut oils. She preaches awareness towards the ingredients in the soaps we are using because the chemicals in them easily enter our bodies through the skin. Her soap is made in Middlebury Vermont and are packed using recyclable glass bottles which contain soap dispensing pumps made of non toxic plastic. About $1 from every 8oz bottle sold is directly sent to Africa and donated to help sanitation and hygiene issues. McGee quotes, “soapply is more than soap…… soapply is a community of people who care. About their health. About the environment. About people around the world.”



Bulletin – a store built by women, filled with female-run brands

By Chloe Cornell


This holiday season, why not make the effort to support female run brands when buying gifts for family and friends? The store and online site Bulletin, founded by women, makes that process very easy as all of the products featured in their store are female-run brands.  In addition to supporting women businesses, 10% of all store proceeds goes directly to Planned Parenthood of NYC. So when you shop there you are not only supporting women businesses, but you are also raising money to support Planned Parenthood! There has never been a better reason to shop!

Bulletin stores are located at 863 Broadway, Nolita (27 Prince Street) and in Williamsburg (145 Wythe Ave), or online at



Charities and Ways to Give Back During The Holiday Season

By Chloe Robinson, Haley Brettschneider, Lindsey Showers, Nina Paganelli


As the Thanksgiving season comes to a close and holiday season approaches, many people start thinking about gifts for family members and friends. There are many children around the United States who are not able to enjoy the thrill of the holiday season because their families cannot afford to buy them presents. This is where you come in! Utilizing the many charity opportunities this holiday season, we can make this time special for the children who need it most.

One way you can help is by donating to the Salvation Army Christmas Charity. This charity is great because it allows for you and your family to supply community members with both a delicious Christmas dinner in addition to toys and clothes. Catholic Charities Christmas Connection is also a choice to lend a helping hand, as it assists those who cannot afford even the basic pots, pans, and linens, as well as those extra presents. Toys for Tots is another charity that puts a smile on many children’s faces, for they are able to finally experience the simple joys of opening nice gifts this holiday season.  A unique choice, Project Angel Tree is a great way to help out. It donates toys to the children of prison inmates. The absence of their parents make it hard to thoroughly enjoy the holiday times. If none of these charities appeal to you, or you want to lend a hand even further, local food banks, churches, and children’s charities are great ways to help during this December.




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