Self-Care Tips, Ways To Prevent Anxiety, And Products To Get Organized

Self-Care Tips, Yoga to Reduce Anxiety, Smart Studying and Organization

By Chloe Cornell


Back-to-school means back to reality – homework, tests, stress, anxiety, less sleep, and a need for routine and organization. We all face this reality, but we sometimes don’t remember to take care of ourselves or take advantage of the many tools like yoga and meditation that can help us stay centered and calm. We’ve rounded up some great resources for you to help you take care of yourself and minimize your stress.  You’re welcome!


Self-care Tips

Self-care day was July 24th but we all know that students can use self-care tips all year round. See the attached list from Crisis Text Line on things to do to combat stress:


Yoga Routines That Help Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

Yes we have all heard that yoga is beneficial – from stretching our bodies, relaxing our minds, encouraging calm, deep breathing, and improving mindfulness – we just never have the time to actually keep a practice.  Here we have found links to quick, easy routines that you can follow to help ease stress:


And if you really don’t have time, here is a 1 minute yoga routine to help calm you before bed:


And one last 1 minute yoga routine to ease your mind:


Study Smarter and Faster

All students will tell you they could use more time. So we found an article with 20 tips on learning faster:


Organization Is Key

One important way to stave off anxiety over school work is to stay organized. Many students benefit from a white board calendar where they can see the entire month to plan out lead time for studying and completing assignments. makes a peel and stick colorblock dry erase calendar that you can just stick on your wall above your desk to always have a clear view of your responsibilities.

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