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Planned Parenthood Day Of Action

Planned Parenthood Day of Action

By Eliza Fogel

Come participate in this years’ annual Planned Parenthood Day of Action on March 12! The Planned Parenthood day of action calls for women across the country to take a stand and show statewide support for reproductive health care and women’s rights. Women are currently facing federal attacks on reproductive health care, and the RHA ensures the standard of Roe vs. Wade in our state. The RHA is very important because it repeals outdated and unjust laws about abortion to move abortion from the penal code to public health law. Abortion is not a crime and it should not be treated like one. The RHA also allows midwives, nurses, and doctors to provide abortion care while New York’s 1970 abortion law only permits doctors to do so. Lastly, RHA also brings New York’s abortion laws in line with the Roe vs. Wade standard to safeguard New Yorkers who need medical care throughout their pregnancies.  Because of the number of active changemakers in New York State, reproductive health care activists show that NY will not turn back the clock on safe and legal abortions as well as easily accessed health care.

If you can’t participate in the day of action, make sure to vote by November 6th. President Trump has recently issued a new law called the gag law that allows doctors to withhold information from their patients, block certain people from receiving planned parenthood preventative care, and violate basic medical needs. This years’ day of action also seeks to protect DACA and the Dreamers and the CCCA (comprehensive contraceptive coverage act).

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