Girl Tribe Recommends: Music

By Haley Brettschneider and Reese Wolfe


Ariana Grande’s New Album, Positions by Reese Wolfe

Pop-Star Ariana Grande recently released her new album Positions and fans are going crazy for it. The new album features 14 tracks, each featuring Grande’s iconic soaring harmonies. This album is Ariana Grande’s first solo release since 2019 when she dropped her album, Thank u, Next. On October 23rd, Grade released a teaser for the album, sharing the song “positions” with the public. She simultaneously dropped a music video to accompany the song. The “Positions” music video featured Ariana Grande as a high political figure, reflecting America’s high tensions due to the approaching election. Since, Ariana has released the rest of her album. The most listened to songs on the album include “positions,” “34 + 35,” and “pov.” Ariana recently released a music video for “34 + 35” which features Grande as a scientist engineering robots in a lab. From “positions” to “34 + 35” to “obvious,” Ariana Grande’s album features a range of wild to innocent music that is definitely worth a listen. 

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