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Going For Gold: Girl Tribe Editors’ Letter

Girl Tribe Feb Issue

Welcome to Girl Tribe

2017 was the year of the feminist. It began with the women’s march – the largest single day of protest in history, and ended with the #MeToo movement. Webster even named “feminist” the word of the year. At the start of 2018, it is clear that the women’s movement is still going strong from the creation of the Time’s Up initiative, the hundreds of thousands of women who flooded the streets worldwide for the second annual women’s march, the push for gender equality at the World Economic Forum, the display of unity at the Grammy awards, and the unprecedented amount of women running for positions in government.

Inspired by this new wave of feminism, we decided to create Girl Tribe with the intention of expanding women’s empowerment to a younger generation. We will produce a monthly online magazine, at Girltribemag.com, to highlight all of the extraordinary women who are breaking barriers and encourage our “tribe” to support and motivate one another to be the best that we can be. A favorite quote which sums up our motto: “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”

For our premiere issue, “Going For Gold,” we celebrate the women who created award winning art in the movie, television and music industries, the top female athletes heading to the Winter Olympics, and the gold medalists from USA gymnastics who triumphed over a shocking sexual assault scandal and are ensuring lasting change for future generations. We also look at Time’s Up and the women’s empowerment conversations it has spawned from Davos to Los Angeles. We feature female-centric recommendations for entertainment, the “It list” of women who did exceptional things this month, and a “Five questions” interview with Laura Brounstein, Director of Editorial and Business Development for Cosmopolitan and Seventeen Magazines. We hope that these stories will bring inspiration to our readers, and that you will join us on our journey of women’s empowerment. Sign up to get our monthly magazine in your inbox, and follow us on Instagram at @girltribemag and on our Facebook page @girltribemag. Thank you.

Chloe Cornell
Charlotte Madden
Paige Miller

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