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Gloria Steinem And Planned Parenthood

Gloria Steinem and a Lip Balm Supporting Activism

By Bella French

The 84-year-old feminist, Gloria Steinem sat in front of a camera and said “I never wear lipstick, but I can support a lip balm.” Especially one that supports human rights.

Steinem formed a makeup collaboration with social justice beauty brand, The Lipstick Lobby to create a cruelty-free lip treatment named “In the Clear.” The Lipstick Lobby has also created product that support Planned Parenthood and the Brady Center for gun violence prevention.

When it came to The Lipstick Lobby’s latest capsule collection, they chose Steinen. Steinem decided to support the UnPrison Project, a nonprofit with the goal to provide incarnated women with the right tools and social skills for life after prison.

Steinem says with regards to America’s overflowing prisons that “we are all becoming increasingly aware of the scandal and shame of our prison system—for which in some states is a profit center.” She continued, “Corporations are making money from prisons that charge as much per prisoner as it would take to send a student to Harvard, even though these offenses are minor.” Because of this, she has decided to donate ALL of the lip balm’s net profits to the UnPrison Project. The program Up in the Streets (a program within the UnPrison Project) offers mentorship programs and a rich well-focused curriculum. It also provides resources and literature to those just recently out of prison and now residing in homeless centers.

With Steinem’s strong beliefs in the idea of inclusivity and listening to one another, her mission is well fueled. Steinem says that her goal is to create a simple, functional, and wearable makeup, and with herself as a consumer and minimalist when it comes to makeup, she is succeeding.


Planned Parenthood’s Rise Up For Roe Tour

By Eliza Fogel

The controversial Supreme Court case, Roe vs. Wade is taking the road. Aimed at President Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee, the women of Planned Parenthood and NARL partnered to launch a 10 day “Rise up for Roe Tour” focused on a women’s right to choose and abortion laws in the united states. Trump’s nomination, Brett Kavanaugh is anti abortion and health care for women. This means that with Kavanaugh’s permanent place in the Supreme Court, the future of women’s health and rights is majorly at risk. Polls taken suggest Kavanaugh is the least popular Supreme Court nominee in decades, and through taking action in events like Roe vs. Wade and making contributions to, change can be made. This event kicked off August 11 where many speeches were made by feminist activists in addition to interviews and celebrity appearances by Chelsea Clinton, Alyssa Milano and more. The Rise Up for Roe Tour then moves from New York, NY to Portland, Maine followed by Boston, D.C, Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, Austin, and lastly Des Moines.



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