Editors' Letter

Editor’s Letter

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s essential that we take time to be thankful for life’s positives and find joy in the little things during the seemingly endless COVID-19 pandemic. The November issue is designed to offer some distraction from the current grim news and occupy your extra time spent at home and social distancing while providing you with comfort in the form of fun, empowering, and binge-worthy quick reads.

In the entertainment section you can read about Gigi Hadid’s beautiful new baby, the biggest celebrity breakups of 2020, and Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus dancing to “Party In The USA” following Joe Biden’s win. Additionally, you can read all about the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot and how the updated plot will address the current social issues that teens face everyday.

In the business section you can learn about some current, prominent women in STEM, how Hayden Wallen, CEO of Upwork, has navigated business during the pandemic, and how Bianca Padilla established Carewell to provide aid to elders. Don’t miss out on the charity section which focuses on the ‘Stand By Her’ campaign in China and how Springboard Growth looks to close the funding gap for women run companies.

The culture section provides a list of November’s pop culture pandemic-friendly necessities and describes why the NYPD will no longer force women to remove their hijabs for mug shots. Also in the culture section, you can read about the exceptional voter turnout for Black women this election, and the radiating effects of such actions: Black women are successfully supporting and electing women in politics. 

As expected, November has been a political rollercoaster, hence the 2020 presidential election! In this issue’s Politics section, you can read about Jill Biden, the soon to be first lady, Sarah McBride, the first transgender state senator, and Kamala Harris, the first female vice president.

Of course don’t forget to check out the sports section which highlights the MLB’s first female manager and how athletes are adapting to the pandemic pause. The recommends section is complete with seven categories (music, food, TV, books, sports, fashion, and movies) featuring our top picks from this month. The recommends section will be sure to save you time and energy as you search for new entertainment and holiday gift ideas. 

The Five Questions with Angela Santomero are extremely interesting and offer an inside look into how children’s shows are produced and what it’s like being a television creator and author. Finally, we leave you with the It List, a quick read about five of November’s trending headlines and phenomenons. Enjoy the November GirlTribe issue! Stay safe and happy holidays! 


Haley Brettschneider and Reese Wolfe

Editors’ In Chief

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