Editors' Letter

Editor’s Letter

We are extra happy for February as GirlTribe Magazine turns TWO this month! A lot has happened over these last two years and we can clearly see the new heights that women are reaching in all of the different areas that we cover. The Super Bowl was a great opportunity to see how #GirlPower has moved to the forefront. For the first time ever, two Latina women, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira headlined the Super Bowl Halftime show. Demi Lovato sang the “Star Spangled Banner”, and Katie Sowers became the first woman in NFL history to coach at the Superbowl for the 49ers. We write about those exceptional performances in our Entertainment section, and about Katie Sowers in our Sports section in this issue.

Other Entertainment stories include articles on the SAG Awards Best Dressed, all-female Superhero film House of Prey and the upcoming Academy Awards. In Sports we also report on Alyssa Nakken who has become MLB’s first female full-time coach for the San Francisco Giants. We pay tribute to Kobe Bryant and highlight his important support for female athletes, including his daughter, rising basketball star Gianna.

Speaking of sports, in our Business section we reveal that female athlete superstars Megan Rapinoe, Ashlyn Harris and Ali Kreiger have all signed new high profile spokesmodel contracts, raising the profile of these female athletes and proving the branding power that these women have outside of sports. We also report on the important evolution of shoes becoming more sustainable through innovations by companies like Rothy’s, Nike, Adidas and more.

Serena Williams has long been acknowledged as a powerful brand influencer. But she is a philanthropic influencer as well, as she showed once again by donating her prize money from her ASB Classic tournament win to Australia’s BushFire relief. You can read about this inspiring act in our Charity section, along with an article about Girl Tribe member Daryn Dusansky who founded The Balloon Project which creates birthday parties for children who live in shelters.

In our Culture section we celebrate Ashley Graham who became a mom and Amal Clooney and 2 other women who are recipients of the 2020 Freedom of the Press award. We report on

Greta Thurnberg’s insistent message to world political and business leaders at Davos to make changes to save our climate, and analyze if TikTok is taking over the social media crown. 

A lot has been going on in Virginia and in this issue’s Politics section we report on the state ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment and the Gun Rights Rally that took place after Democrats introduced reforms. We are coming upon the two year anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida and our country is still clearly divided on how to handle our gun control laws.

Don’t miss our “It List” for more highlights from the month and our Recommended section for the best new entertainment, great articles to read, videos to watch and music to listen to.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We love our Girl Tribe community and thank you for your support.


Chloe Cornell


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