Girl Tribe Recommends: Books

By Chloe Cornell


Hollywood’s Eve: Eve Babitz and the Secret History of L.A. – By Lili Anolik

Biography on Eve Babitz, the ultimate LA “it girl” from the 1960’s and 70’s, who later became an author of seven mostly autobiographical books, and then after a freak burn accident, became a recluse. Author Lili Anolik brings Babitz’s fast and rebellious life story to a new generation. Release January 8th.



Diary of Anne Frank

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance month, it is essential that the horrors of World War II and the many people whose lives were tragically cut short are not forgotten. Last year, additional pages were discovered in Anne Frank’s diary – dirty jokes and writing about sex…giving us even more insight into the young woman who kept such a valuable and extraordinary record of her life in hiding. Whether it is your first time reading it or you are revisiting it after many years, Frank’s story is a must read. Amazon.



Practice You, By Elena Brower

It is common knowledge in the wellness community that keeping a journal is a valuable tool for self-discovery and mindfulness. If you are inspired by the new year to start this practice, we recommend this beautiful journal that teaches, inspires, invites self-reflection, and encourages you to be your best self.  We also love the new companion card deck, “Practice You, Daily Awakening Deck” which you can use as daily prompts for meditations. As author and world-renowned yoga and meditation leader Brower said, “Whenever I’ve needed direction, strength, or centering, I’ve so often turned to my own journals. Why? Because many of the answers we seek are found within ourselves.”Available on Amazon. 




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