New Shopping App ‘The Yes’, ‘Kendall by Kylie Cosmetics’, & Charlotte Tilbury Becomes One of the Richest U.K. Female Entrepreneurs

New shopping app ‘The Yes’ created by former COO of Stitch Fix Julie Bornstein and Google alum Amit Aggarwal

By Chloe Robinson, Haley Brettschneider, and Julia Carroll

Due to the recent uprising of the coronavirus pandemic, traditional retail has struggled immensely, as stores such as Jeffrey and Opening Ceremony have closed for good. The big question is: how will an everyday thing, such as shopping, be done given the circumstances of our new lives? One possible answer to this question lies within the newfound app: The Yes. 

The Yes has a goal of personalizing the experience of online shopping while still maintaining the swift technology of a classic app. Julie Bornstein, former COO of Stitch Fix, and Google and Groupon’s Amit Aargwall, cofounded this simple yet nifty app. The app allows one to shop just by using simple “yes” or “no” responses. A question a user may be asked includes, “Would you wear a cold-shoulder”, or “Would you wear a maxi skirt?”. The user’s feed is then curated by the responses, showing them options that they may like given the answers they provided. 

Over 150 brands are working hand in hand with The Yes app, including Prada, Ralph Lauren, and Staud, all providing their own imagery. There is a commission paid by all the brands that participate in this newfound technology, but other than that, there are no other fees that come along with being a partner. A smaller label can essentially gain exposure and customers by using this bigger name app. 

What sets The Yes apart from other brands working towards a similar goal is its complex algorithms, created solely for fashion. 

Bornstein notes, “Google, Pinterest, and Facebook—they’re all trying to do variations on this, but they’re tackling all categories at once. If you don’t take into account all of the specifics around what actually matters in fashion then it becomes irrelevant and you lose the trust.”

After working on The Yes for over 2 years, its founders set to launch it in early March. Due to the industry impacts of COVID-19, they decided to push its launch date back to May 20th. 

Getting brands to be on board with The Yes’s approach to online fashion was a job handled by the app’s creative director, Taylor Tomasi Hill. Tomasi Hill, a familiar fashion industry name, was enthralled by the experience The Yes provided, saying, ““the experience is something that the customer actually creates themselves.”

Tomasi Hill found herself searching for a visual balance between both the visual imagery of the app and individual labels themselves. 

She says, “one of the things that the brands loved about this concept was that we’re not diluting their point of view. We’re not reshooting anything. They have a vision and often that vision doesn’t get translated because every single retailer has re-shot the look or individual pieces.”

The app’s team prides itself on its implementation of discovery. The organicness of the app is something unlike any other app the fashion world has ever seen. 

“The way that the algorithm works, there’s a sense of discovery. If there are customers who are liking the same things you are, those things will show up in your feed. It’s not just a platform to show you the exact things you have in your closet; it’s actually a place to discover new fashion.” 



Kendall and Kylie Are Launching A Makeup Collection

By Kate Kissell

Throughout the years, Kylie Jenner has worked with multiple family members to produce memorable collaborations. Recently, both Kendall and Kylie collaborated to produce a joint makeup collection. 

Many Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans may recall that Kendall acted as Kylie’s muse throughout her decision process while working with Oliver Rousteing. Surprisingly, Kendall has been the last of Kylie’s sisters to collaborate with her, even with their close age gap. Many fans were skeptical as to why the two sisters took so long to create a joint collection. Many people agree that the delay may have been due to Kendall’s prior contract with Estée Lauder as one of the faces of their makeup campaign. Needless to say, everyone was quite pleased when Kendall hinted in January that she would partner with Kylie. 

Similar to Kylie’s previous collaborations, Kylie and Kendall have chosen the name “Kendall by Kylie Cosmetics” for their upcoming new line. 


Charlotte Tilbury Signs a Deal Making Her One of the U.K’s Richest Female Entrepreneurs

By Alexa Bourzanos

Charlotte Tilbury recently signed a life and career changing deal making her one of the U.K’s wealthiest female entrepreneurs. Charlotte Tilbury founded her famous makeup brand after working with celebrities as a makeup artist in 2013. After only seven years, Tilbury has signed a billion dollar deal with spanish perfume brand Puig. Tilbury sets as an amazing example for other female entrepreneurs.


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