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Halloween Costumes

Girl Tribe Recommends: Halloween Costumes – Inspiration for Corona-ween

By Avery Smith, Hadley Hart, and Jordyn Roskind


As we all know 2020 has been a very unique year and halloween will be no exception to this. Inspired by the challenges this year has brought, Yandy has designed many halloween costumes to fit 2020 perfectly. Yandy is a fashion and retail company that sells women’s apparel, lingerie, halloween costumes, and swimwear. From hand sanitizer to banana bread, Yandy has not failed to create trendy costumes. Their pop-culture themed costumes, such as tiger king and tik tok, are a popular purchase this halloween season. Not to mention their costume in the spirit of the coronavirus with a hand sanitizer bottle. Along with that, with the upcoming Presidential election, the ballot costume is not only trendy and fashionable, it is spreading voter awareness and encouraging people to vote in the 2020 Presidential election. 2020 would not be complete without the murder hornet scare, which has a costume to go along with it. The costumes are more popular with younger customers, but anyone of any age can wear them! This year, Yandy has also expanded its men’s Halloween costume offerings and added more than 500 new women’s styles and 40 styles in the plus-size category. Yandy also offers traditional halloween costumes. For example, this year, one of the most popular costumes are the outer spaced themed costumes on yandy. Whether you choose to dress up for halloween this year is up to you, but yandy is the place to start looking for a costume. Although halloween will not be the same this year because of the coronavirus, these costumes lighten the mood of the global pandemic, and offer a sense of comfort in discomforting times. 

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