Editors' Letter

Editors’ Letter

Happy February! We hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day! This issue is jam packed with attention-grabbing and easy-to-read articles. In the entertainment section, be sure to check out the latest on Billie Eilish’s photo book along with a recap of Taylor Swift’s iconic love stories. In the business section, read management advice from tips from Chipotle’s highest ranking female executive and Harvard’s new tactic for recruiting women to their business school.

In the charity section, you can read about Mackenzie Scott’s commitment to donate $4.2 billion to charitable foundations. The culture section explains the controversial Vogue cover featuring Kamala Harris. For more details about this controversy, go check out the article! For those nervous or excited about the new COVID-19 vaccine, read about eighteen of the most influential female figures who have received their covid immunity. 

The politics section as always shares important world news, and reports on the Supreme Court’s recent decision to reinstate abortion pill restrictions. The politics section also spotlights attorney general, Latisha James, as she breaks barriers. Sports star Megan Rapinoe, used her social media platform, to speak out against the Capitol attack. Along with Rapinoe’s remarks, be sure to check out how NFL cheerleaders spoke out against their unequal pay in the Sports section. As always we provide you with recommendations for this month’s trendiest music, food, TV series, movies, books, sports, and extracurricular activities. Finally, the It List features poet laureate Amanda Gorman’s speech, 2021 Golden Globe nominations, and a brief profile on the new dogs in the White House. Happy reading! 


Haley Brettschneider & Reese Wolfe


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