Editors' Letter

Editors’ Letter

Editors’ Letter

October has been quite an eventful month with  socially-distanced halloween and the upcoming electron frenzies. While Covid-19 cases continue to surge, there continue to be sparks of joy and happiness throughout the media. 

In the entertainment section you can learn more about the upcoming virtual Oscars and a powerful Saturday Night Live tribute to the notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Additionally, in the business section you can read about Jeni Britton Bauer and her love for ice cream, Dunkin Donuts’ success in the pandemic, and the myths about women in STEM. 

In the charity section, you can find information on breast cancer and how companies, such as Ramy Brook, are searching for ways to help. There are also articles on how to donate excess halloween candy and of course important foundations to donate to to help people who are struggling amongst the pandemic. 

The politics section is filled with information about the upcoming election, Trump’s supreme court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, and trail-blazing politician, Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez. 

Be sure to check out the WNBA news in the sports section and how women’s sports continue to take up a greater presence in New Zealand. Moreover, in the culture section you can read about Cornell University honoring RBG and an elementary school in Georgia praising Michelle Obama

If you’re interested in some socially distanced fun, read our recommendations to find out how you can now visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a safe manner. Of course, we leave you with an it list including our favorite pop culture moments this month. If you haven’t already, it’s time to download the mobile game Among Us and take a chance of taki jalapeños. Again, thank you all for the support and we hope that this GirlTribe issue offers some entertainment and hope during these trying times. See you next month!


Haley Brettschneider and Reese Wolfe


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